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Mochipet | Hottub Four Loko Remix

time December 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Mochipet is at it again with another crushing remix this time with purple drank style… Four Loko! This tune is one of the crunkest tunes out right now hahaha. Big ups to Dave on this and bringing in such a unique style to music. I assure you at the right time this tune will get the club hypeeeed. Talking about Mochipet slaying crowds… At the end of January getting to join Mochi in Dallas for a show at The Lizard Lounge. It’s always a blast and tons of random occurrences playing with Dave. Be sure to grab your copy of this tune. Trust me. lol.

DOWNLOAD: Mochipet & Hottub – Four Loko Purple Drank Remix

Right now Mochipet is all over the place and expect to see a lot more of him in 2011. He’s prepping a new album, Rawr Means I Love You. His label Daly City has been hard at work this past year and expect some major releases from them in 2011. Dave is truly one of a kind. He makes absolutely remarkable and original music, runs one of the most recognizable labels in my opinion, tours all around the world, and overall amazing guy. If there one person I’d say I have the utmost respect for it’s Mochi. He’s a big role model for me and has been a great friend. Everyone has this fixation on Deadmau5 but straight up wait till you get a taste of what Mochipet throws down. Here is a small taste of what’s coming in early 2011.

Mochipet Contest!

I’m proud to announce the album art contest for Mochipet’s new album, Rawr Means I Love You! For more info on the Mochipet contest details.  Peppermill a small netlabel that is helping put the release out through Daly City Records for the release and they are the ones you’ll want to get ahold of for entering. What’s the prize? You have three options:

1. Mochipet will come over and cook you dinner.
2. Mochipet will go to your house and DJ your party.
3. Mochipet will send you a purple custom made dino suit.

Straight up I think I’m going to enter for this. LOL.
Best of luck to everyone and remember it can be in any style, it just has to drop some jaws.

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Manifestation Celebration | Dallas 2011

time December 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

Manifestation Celebration 2011 Dallas, Texas

May 7th, 2011 Dallas, Tx
A Night at the Museum:
The Alex Grey Experience
@ Dallas Museum of Nature & Science


Alex Grey
(Meet & Greet, Discussion, Live Painting w. The Nadis Warriors)

Allyson Grey
(Meet & Greet, Discussion, Live Painting w. The Nadis Warriors)

Daniel Pinchbeck
(Q&A, Signing)

Maestro Don Jose Campos
(Opening Ceromony, Closing Ceromony, Signing, Shamanic Intiation during Nadis Warriors Set)

Rick Strassman, MD
(Meet & Greet, Signing)

Mitch Schultz
(Q&A, Meet & Greet)

Jamie Janover
(Discussion: Unified Field Theory)

Peter Gorman
(Meet & Greet, Signing)

Rose Hahn
(Discussion: Divine Feminine, Signing)

Alberto Roman
(Poetry, Translator for Don Jose Campos)

Michael Garfield
(Live Painting, Discussion)


The Nadis Warriors (w/ Jamie Janover & Don Jose Campos)

Language Love
Afro Monk
& more TBA!


Full Screenings of:
2012: Time for Change

DMT: The Spirit Molecule

They will be using multiple projections of Alex Grey’s art to fill the 79 foot Imax screen. All exhibits will be open to the attendees.

To ensure a pleasant and intimate evening for our attendees, only 1,000 tickets total will be sold for this event!!!

Insiders are reporting that there are less than 200 tickets available! This event will SELL OUT! Come join us on this amazing experience of pure artistry all around!


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Papa Skunk / A Skunk Is Born EP

time December 27th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

Papa Skunk

Papa Skunk (aka Dan K) is a producer and DJ based out of Boulder, CO and a member of The Skunk Boyz. He’s been playing music for over 10 years and started producing electronic music 2 years ago. For production, he uses logic instead of the most commonly used ableton which is why his sound might be a little different from other producers with similar styles. A few days ago he released a 7 song all original EP for FREE through his soundcloud page. The release is a lot of fun and makes ya wanna dance. It’s a nice mix of glitchhop, dupstep, and crunk with some appropriate samples. The samples used in the track “What’s a Rave” make me smile 🙂

I could see An-ten-nae recruiting this up and coming producer for one of his next acid crunk compilations. Check out the tracks here and grab the free downloads:

A Skunk is Born EP [FREE D/L]

And you seriously need to grab his “Remixes Round 1 ep” which he also just put up for free download on his bandcamp page along with this release. It includes some quality remixes of tracks by Ludacris, LoBounce, Elli Goulding, and Samples. Grab it here:

The Skunk Boyz are throwing a benefit show on January 20th in Denver with the Mile High Sound Movement (Project Aspect, Unlimited Gravity, etc.). They are going to donate all the money to a local children’s charity and hope to give electronic music a better image in the community. The lineup is stacked: Bass Science, LoBounce, Unlimited Aspect (Unlimited Gravity vs Project Aspect), Papa Skunk, Animus Invidious, and Ecliptik.  Papa Skunk will be debuting some new unreleased material at the show too! You can find more info and check out other upcoming events at

Thanks for the hot free tunes Dan and I love your quote on your bandcamp page so I’m gonna share it here:

“I’ll keep putting out the free music, you guys keep dancing!!”


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Repeat Business | Mindelixir Presents

time December 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Mindelixir has been hard at work during 2010. He’s put together most likely the biggest dubstep monthly on the entire East coast and most likely one of the biggest in the States, Bass Church.

It’s my pleasure to introduce a compilation album Bill has put together from some of the most upcoming producers today. This is probably one of the better compilations I’ve seen put together. It features some of my close friends Elfkowitz and Psymbionic. Everyone on this compilation will be making serious moves. Stereotonin was the one who impressed me the most out of the bunch that I hadn’t heard of. I was given a promo bootleg to give away from him.

Check out this fresh remix… Afro Monk Exclusive!!!
DOWNLOAD: People Under the Stairs – Acid Raindrops (Stereotonin Remix)

1. Axiom Crux – Vapor Nation
2. T8rtot – Not 2B Missed
3. Elfkowitz – Gone
4. Stereotonin – Hop Scotch Warrior
5. Ghetto S*xuual – Deep Breath
6. Deformati – Careful Demons (Elfkowitz remix)
7. Mindelixir – Sonic (Lo Bounce Remix)
8. Charlie P – Hole in my Pocket
9. Fast Nasty – The Arcadian Shark
10. Panther God – Zomba
11. Spooky Jones – Starship Ping Pong
12. Bookworm – Ursine Combat Squad
13. Spooky Jones – Attack of the Coincidence
14. Psymbionic – Pseudo Science
15. Stereotonin – Thank You, Come Again

BUY: Repeat Business Presented by Mindelixir

Here is a mini mix put together by Psymbionic to give you a small taste of this major release. Big ups to everyone part of this one. Keep on working hard and sharing your music with the world!

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Freddy Todd | Winter Soulstice

time December 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Freddy Todd graces us with a special gift celebrating the change to Winter! There was a lovely lunar eclipse this past Winter Solstice I hope you all got to see. Good friend of mine Freddy released a FREE EP via bandcamp to celebrate and bring some new tunes into the world! Freddy is one of those producers that you just sit back and think damn! He’s an extremely talented drummer and can put together these tracks that absolutely explode. This EP has such a great variety of styles all lumped into a 3 track tease of what is to come. The first tune roars through memory lane and is such a banging glitch-hop track. The second tune makes this great transition into the third and favorite tune off this EP. It’s good to see another amazing friend of mine Elfkowitz on the last tune. Not long ago he told me Freddy was coming to visit and was going to bring sexy back with Freddy. It really came together nicely.

Freddy will be finally unleashing his major release through Simplify on Jan 14th! I’m beyond excited to hear the final list of tunes on it. It seems to have evolved quite a bit ever since I first heard it. If there one producer out there that straight up throws down and does some fun stuff it’s Freddy Todd! Much respect and love to you man! Sure we’ll run into each again soon!

Freddy Todd – Winter Soulstice
Freddy Todd – It’s so cold in the D remix
Freddy Todd, Elfkowitz, & – Fluttered

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Afro Monk | Interview

time December 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

I had the honor of being interviewed for a blog filled with some extremely talented people who are making things happen in the music community. I figure some of you might want to know little bit about one of the people behind this site. I’m beyond blessed to have such a following. The past couple of months of my life have been unreal. Texas has been one of the best things that has happened to me. Have to thank all the people I’ve met here and all the people who support me online. It’s a pleasure to share all this music with you all. I just hope you all remember to stay true to yourself. Do everything because you Love it.

Thank you again to Elena for the interview. Glad to see how much coverage everyone is getting. Believe and go out there and things will make its way around. I wish I could respond to everyone but I never imagined for this to become what it was. Thank you to all the artist out there expressing themselves. It’s truly a honor to have people share so much with me.

Be sure to check out my recent mix to get a small idea of what comes about all the music my friends send me. Going to be posting a new mix once I hit 1,000 followers for Winter! Hope you all enjoyed the amazing show in the sky for the Winter Solstice! Thank you again to everyone who has come to visit this site.

Happy Holidays! Will be seeing my top 5 for 2010 soon!

INTERVIEW: Afro Monk Interview

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Denver ‘010 Comic | Soul Outsider Records

time December 20th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Homie Strange Flow is one creative dude. He’s been working on some awesome ideas and been bouncing off me to see if I can help. One of his projects is Soul Outsider records and part of it is a small comic he has done with a friend. It’s funny as hell and high recommend it. It’s somewhat a depiction of random things that happened to them while in Denver. They hoped to capture some of the lingo and musical references in todays culture.

He randomly sent me a link to the new episode. He said to check out what was on the wall. Low and behold they’ve put up an Afro Monk poster. I laughed my ass off and couldn’t be more humbled. Much love man!

Be on the look out for Strange Flow he has been making moves and has had great success with his first edition of Grungestep Vol 1.

Here is a link to episode 5.

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ill-esha | Tron Purple Legacy

time December 17th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,
Tron Legacy opens today, and what better to sweeten your pre-screening party than this bootleg, featuring samples from Daft Punk’s excellent score and the various preview trailers…
Canadian-born producer ill-esha, shortly on the heels of her debut Daly City album Circadian Rhythms, unleashes this 80 bpm slugger for your weekend crates.  She enjoys long walks on the studio floor, bass synthesizing, and coloring anything purple, and this tune covers it all.  Forthcoming highlights from her include the Black Ice EP on Haunted Audio, a single on Street Ritual Recordings, a remix for +verb on Muti Music, and 12″ releases on Subway and Dub Police with dubstepper-in-crime Antiserum.
If you haven’t picked up “Circadian Rhythms” yet, you can do so here: ill-esha – circadian rhythms
Alternately, score a custom USB stick which includes a one-hour festival video set from ill-esha and some bonus goodies – direct from
DOWNLOAD: ill-esha – Tron Purple Legacy

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Elfkowitz | Artist Spotlight

time December 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Elfkowitz has been my secret weapon for quite some time now. He is one of those producers you literally hide all the names and come up with funny names for tracks just so those lurkers who stalk your track selections. Ian is a close friend and only wish great success upon him. Truly ever since I brought him into Miami for a small show with Freddy Todd he’s been real cool and sharing his music with me so I can give some feedback. If I post about sick sessions and jamming to fresh new music chances are it’s cause listening to some of Ian’s tunes.

Right now Elfkowitz is making moves and getting the recognition he deserves. Expect his major release, Prolific, on Daly City. It’s coming out exclusively on Additech on January 11th and then full release on iTunes and all that jazz February 15th! Also be on the look out for two his tunes out on an upcoming Mindelixir presents compilation.

UPDATE: BUY Elfkowitz – Prolific EP

There isn’t enough to say how much of a cool cat this guy is. I’ll never forget when picked him up from the airport and he was rocking this tie dye shirt with The Grateful Dead hat on with a giant flower on it. I knew immediately it was homie! We had a great time chillen and throwing done some tunes with Freddy. He is one of the few producers I’ll randomly text just to see what’s up because he always puts out those positive vibes and has the freshest tunes out there.

Elfkowitz sound is simple yet not. His tunes have a certain presence that leaves room to have fun while playing. I know if I ever can tone it down and put the crowd in a trance I’ll bust out with a few of his tunes. The feel and expression shines in every single one of his tunes. As someone who is venturing into the idea of production Ian’s music has a great influence for the sound I’m looking for. If it were up to me I’d play entire sets like this but you know we need some raggers and trust me Ian has some up his sleeve to but you’ll get to check that out much later.

Nothing but LOVE and RESPECT for Ian. Pay your respects to him when you see him. He works real hard and deserves every big up out there! Glad to call him a close friend of mine. I am beyond stoked for our next adventure. We’re going hard in 2011 Dallas!

Check out his X-Mas remix track and a few of his originals!

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Jay Wikid | Bwamp / Robot Rock

time December 15th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Jay Wikid recently just dropped a two track release. It’s full of glitch and delicious bass. Jay is no new comer by any means. He has epic collabs with Opiuo and Bassnecatar. He has been dropping beats for over 5 years now and is back for more.  This Canadian producer is someone you want to keep your ear out for. He has support by the stunning ill-esha on these tunes and many more.

Bwamp and Robot Rock take you into a bouncy ride of beats and hip-hop influences with vocals squished into a beautiful glitched up sounds. Be sure to pick up the release from him put out by Street Rituals on Additech.

Check out this fresh mix he put together ZOMBIE DISKO!

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