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Minnesota I New Releases

time November 17th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , ,

Minnesota is a dubstep/glitch producer out of Santa Cruz, California. I think that he understands something very important that a lot of other dubstep producers in the scene right now don’t. Yes, wobbles and heavy bass drops are fun and that’s why we love dubstep in the first place, but it’s important to keep the melody intact and have it be an actual song that people can vibe and/or dance to. Minnesota has some hot releases coming up that do just that.

His track “Space Mountain” is coming out on Gruntworthy on November 26th exclusively through Beatport which will also feature tracks from Stephen Jacobs, +verb, sugarpill, Dr. Knobz, Carly D, and Doug Surreal.

His track “Meow” will be released on Mal Label in early December on a compilation CD along with tracks by Mochipet, Blackheart, Skulltrane, Mycho Pan Cocoa, El Diablo, Helicopter Showdown and Getter. The compilation will be coming out exclusively on beatport.

And, you can pick up his EP which will be released in January through Tycho Records and will feature the fun glitch hop track, “One Love.”

In the mean time you can preview his tracks at, and while you’re at it grab this fun ODB remix he has up for free download.

Gotcha Money (ODB RMX)


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