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NastyNasty | Special You

time November 10th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

NastyNasty has put out a free two track EP for us all, Special You. They are two VIP versions of previous tracks he has done. These versions will give you a fresh take on tracks you probably already play out. I know it’s great to see another version of Better Off Alone because I’ve been playing his remix out like nobodies business. There times where I just play the original because don’t want to seem like my sets always include certain tracks and this is a perfect way to spicen it up a bit.

NastyNasty, right now my favorite producer and has been ever since I met him. Why? Well because the guy tells it how it is but with such a soft chill vibe. He’s stern but gentle. It was a honor to finally meet him and shake his hand. I had him booked for my birthday but things didn’t work out since he was so busy and rather have gotten some time to pick his brain and see what he really all about when comes to music. Jasper twittered not long ago saying “i didn’t get into music because i want to hang out and talk, i got into music because i love music.”At first I was like damn that’s a bold statement and was taken back at first but then realized you know what it’s true. We do this because we love music. If you get the time to chat and hang with a producer its a real special honor. Big ups to him for that chit chat in Seattle during Decibel Festival.

With all that said here is a serious message you all need to listen to. Jasper being so outspoken is amazing. I know I can’t keep my mouth shut sometimes like when I go off about Brostep and Dubstep but you know what speak your mind and Nasty tells it how it is… Much respect.

Why I don’t Listen to Your Music ( a primer for laptop slingers )

Ok so here’s the raw deal, broken down into bullet points.

I really do, it saddens me to see a generation of musicians that believe the gauge or value of their work is determined by the quantity of listeners. If the measure of ones work was valued on that basis Brittney Spears would trump Gershwin etc… etc... the point of music is not to impose it on others, it is to express yourself, Aside from that if you do build your career on spam you will have to keep doing it to sustain yourself. This is a shared sentiment among artists too, most of us see spam as an amateur move and will instantly turn off to the idea of listening to it.

So on your average week there’s about +/-16 hours worth of music shared with me via soundcloud/gmail/facebook/myspace/twitter etc… not to mention all the music going up on my favorite blogs and stuff sent to me via aim. so lets breakdown my average week

168 hours = hours in a week
– 56 hours = 8 hours a night sleep (if I’m lucky)

112 waking hours left
-36 travel to and from shows (this is a low estimate, this number can rival sleep some weeks)

76 waking hours left
-40 Making music, I try to spend at least 40 hours a week making music.

36 waking hours left
-14 eating, dudes gotta eat (i’d say 2 hours a day is a fair estimate for eating/preparing food)

22 waking hours left
-12, internet. also a low estimate…alot of booking/negotiation gets done on the internet, also a lot of time waste.

10 hours left
-3 making/enjoying coffee. i love coffee: if you get between me and coffee, you will lose an arm.

7 hours left to listen to music or do anything else i want

so generally i spend those 7 hours listening to the stuff i either get from labels i work with, friends of mine or Blogs i love which brings me to my next point:


and to top it off this is where you will actually grab my attention way quicker than a soundclound message or spamming one of my pages:


-Blogs are the internets magazines, in fact most print mags also show up in blog format-Most blogs also have a submissions box where you and countless other people can submit their music to someone who will not only give it a listen, but also has the power to do share it with the world if they enjoy it

-BLOGS ARE HOW INDEPENDENT ELECTRONIC MUSICIANS GET NOTICED, i made electronic music for years but it wasn’t until blogs like Manybrain, xlr8r, lowriders etc.. started blogging about me that i got enough attention to start traveling.

So yeah, I’m pretty sure this will offend some people but it is the honest truth from my end…i think if most people took the time they spent promoting themselves tirelessly and just put it into the tunes they’d be better for it.

DOWNLOAD: NastyNasty – Special You

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