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Sub Swara, Love and Light, and Kraddy | Mix Mania

time October 29th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

This Friday I figure make it special since I missed a post this week. TONS and TONS of mixes keep flooding out to us all! It was impossible to pick just one. I’ve comprised a post of three mixes. There are more to come in the next week so hold on. I’m proud to host this Friday three huge mixes at the current moment. Sub Swara is back again with a bigger taste of what is to come from the Triggers album. Love and Light give a small mini preview of the upcoming release. Kraddy prepares a monster mix for Halloween for us all the rage too. Just be sure to check out my Fall 2010 Promo Mix k?! =P

Sub Swara -Triggers Mixtape Volume 1
Release date: Nov 9th, 2010 

1. Sub Swara – Steam
2. Distal – Coke Bottle
3. Sub Swara – Bend You
4. Moldy – Embrace the Filth
5. Julio Bashmore – Batak Groove
6. Sub Swara – Vagabond Knowledge
7. Sub Swara – In Ether
8. Kraddy – Minotaur
9. Tinie Tempah – Written in the Stars (Starkey Remix)
10. Sub Swara – Schemes
11. Sub Swara – Future Fresh
12. Ultragamma – Stars Collapse
13. Big Boi – Shutterbug (Sub Swara Remix)
14. Stuart Bogie (Antibalas & Superhuman Happiness) – Horn Interlude
15. Sub Swara – October
16. Sub Swara – Bird of Paradise

Download: Sub Swara – Triggers Mixtape Vol 1

Love & Light – Crunk Junkee EP Teaser Mix!
Release date: Nov 1st, 2010 

1. Life
2. Neon Thwomp Sauce
3. Squish City
4. Crunk Junkee

Download: Love and Light Crunk Junkee Mini-Mix

Kraddy – Dirty Got Soul Mix
Album Release date: Nov 9th, 2010 

1. Milanese  – Billy Hologram
2. Ben Samples – Blood On The Handle
3. Two Dollar Hooker – Breath So Near [Fine Cut Bodies Psychostep Mod]
4. R/D – Teh Remix
5. Tom Burbank – Sticky Funk
6. Missill – Invincible [Mochipet Remix]
7. Alex B – At Channel One
8. Star Slinger – Gimmie
9. Kraddy – Mono
10. Kraddy – No Comply

Download: Kraddy – Dirty Got Soul Mix

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Aphex Twin | 2010 Six New Albums Completed

time October 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Apex Twin tells Style Magazine that he has SIX albums completed. I’ve been telling everyone that a new album is due out anytime now. Apparently press has even gotten to him and it’s time for some godlike sound design to be unleashed. Who know what these new pieces of work sound like but apparently he has two very obscure abstract albums out of the six. The issue is due out for the Fall/Winter and will feature him on cover (duhhh!).

This is major news in electronic music since it’s been almost 10 years that he puts out a proper full album. I totally remember listening to Drukqs for the first time and thinking dear God give me more! Looking forward to seeing how these will be released.

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Afro Monk | Fall Promo Mix 2010

time October 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Live recording of my return to radioshow! Tons of hiccups since it’s been awhile since streamed LIVE. Hope you enjoy! If you do enjoy please share with others! Also I’ll be looking for booking coming 2011 so be sure to let me know if you’d be interested in having me out. We can negotiate something real reasonable =)

Keep it fresh!

Special Thanks to:
Ooah, ill-esha, Samples, Elfkowitz, Stephan Jacobs, ionik, Mongoose, white noise, MartyParty, Mimosa, Omega, Wolfeus, Gladkill, Turnsteak, Protohype, Eskmo, Minnesota, NastyNasty, Nit Grit, Bil Bless, Mochipet, Chris B, Frequent-C, Chase Marz, Bil Bless, Modified Noise, Bassmectar, Graintable, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, Kastle, Lorn, Billy Blacklight, & to any person I forgot to mention.

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Monday MUST Listens / Buy!

time October 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Alright it’s been awhile since I’ve put together a list of tunes on one single post. There are so many homies of mine that I want to help promote and get their names out there but I’m insanely busy and like to feature everyone with a specific post but you know what there’s too many tracks right now that it’s just best I give respect to the homies like this.

Stephan Jacobs & +verb (one of the biggest tunes right now)

Freddy Todd – His new album is going to BLOW UP when it comes out!

Elfkowitz – This homie is one of the dopest producers and chillest cats. His tunes always put me in a daze.

ill-esha – elysha is the sweetest person I’ve met all year. you can’t help but be happy around her and her music has the same affect =)

Samples – it’s mother effin Ben Samples. enough said.

Mochipet – This dinosaur is destroying it all over the land. This new tune will blast your face off.

MartyParty – Ummm if you don’t know about him I feel sorry for you. New tease from upcoming album.

Minnesota – This guy is going to BLOW up. Take my word for it.

Billy Blacklight – This guy is my favorite producer right now. Give him another couple of months and some more experience and I think he’s going to be huge.

NastyNasty – This man hold my favorite tunes at the moment and I don’t even know what they are called. His unreleased material is SEXY.

The Human Experience – This is the one producer which incorporates what I’m hoping to do when I begin production. Amazing.

BMF Productions – This tune is so big! I dropped this the other night and WOW! Big things ahead.

iONik – This guy right here has some serious love for the community and one hell of a producer. Looking forward to working with him in future!

+verb – this guy is an absolute champion and one of the realest around. he’s going to turn some serious heads. looking forward to seeing him play out finally in 2011!

Sugarpill – This guy is the man period. He’s one of my main mentors and always there for me when I got some questions. Ableton guru & amazing friend.

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Lazer Sword | Stream Self Titled Album

time October 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Lazer Swords new self-titled album is due out November 4th and Facts has given us the pleasure of hosting and streaming the new album for free via Soundcloud for a week. We’ve all heard the hit single Batman off the album and now it’s time to get a taste of the whole thing. I’ve given it a full listen and you can expect the fattest beats throughout the entire experience. Above is a picture of them rocking it when they came to Miami. I had the pleasure of opening up for them and catching tons of the new material on the FunktionOne at Vagabond. It was a real honor to open for them. Ran into Low Limit again in Seattle for Decibel and real cool dude, true OG.

Much respect to both of them on this. It’s one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year. Be sure to give it a good listen. It’s had my head bobbing all morning at work.

Stream Lazer Sword Album

Buy Lazer Sword – Batman Vinyl

yeah that’s me… lol

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Nero, Flux Pavillion, Kutz, MRK1, & Distance Mix | Mista Jam Radio1 Show

time October 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

This week’s Fire Friday Mix is from MistaJams Radio1 Dubstep Special Guest show. This mix features mixes from some of the biggest names in dubstep right now. This show is absolutely banging and has a little bit of every type of feel. Expect some serious bass from this one be warned (Brostep alert).

The mix starts off with the sexy live recorded version of Magnetic Man’s I Need Air. Jumps into Nero’s mini mix and rides into Flux Pavillion, Kutz, and ends with the different side with Distance.

This one is for all you filthy dubstep lovers.

Magnetic Man – I Need Air

Nero Mix
Nero – Me & You
Nero – Me & You (Danger Remix)
Nero – Innocence
Genetix – Squid Attack
Chase & Status – Heavy (Feat, Dizzee Rascal)
N*E*R*D – Hot N Fun (Nero Remix)
Doctor P – Big Boss
Downlink – Factory
Chase & Status – Let You Go (Nero Remix)
Nero – Welcome Reality
Nero – Act Like You Know (Dubstep Version)

Flux Pavilion Mix
Dire Straits – Money For Nothing (Giant Remix)
Roksonix – Just Jokes
Flux Pavilion – Lines In Wax (Feat Foreign Beggars)
Chapel Club – All The Eastern Girls (Flux Pavilion Remix)
Flux Pavilion – Hold Me Close
Pyramid – Cruel (Skism Remix)
Jamiroquai – Blue Skies (Flux Pavilion Remix)
Giant – Party Starter
Doctor P – Big Boss
Flux Pavilion – I Cant Stop

Kutz Mix
Kutz – Canonical
Coki – Horrid Henry
Redlight – What You Talking About (feat. Ms Dynamite)
Kutz – Wined Up
Kutz – Freak V.I.P
P-Money – Slang Like This (Ft. Sukh Knight)
Kutz – Hypno
Young Man – One And Only (Ft. Benga)
Kutz – Itch
Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (Breakage Rmx)
Kutz – Hella Tight (Ft. Dj G)

MRK1 Mix
Virus Syndicate – All The Way (Feat Katrina)
MRK1 – Flyby
MRK1 – Commandments
Subscape – Just Coz
Swedish House Mafia – One (Virus Syndicate Booty)
Eddie K – Serial Killa
MRK1 – Download The World
The Others – Get Out Of Here
Chimpo – Gaza (Feat Trigger)
Subscape – Screw Up
Trolley Snatcha – Pass Me By
Diplo – Pull Up
Trolley Snatcha – Rocco’s Revenge
MRK1 – Shout!
Fresh – Golddust
MRK1 – Dirty Dubstep Music
Benny Benassi – Satisfaction
Redlight – Mdma (Virus Syndicate Vocal)
Redlight – What You Talking About (feat. Ms Dynamite)
Genetix – Squid Attack
Virus Syndicate – Ready To Learn
Skream – Wibbler
MRK1 – Ilove

Distance Mix
Distance – Malice
Cyrus – Soul Seeker
Distance – Devastator
Tunnidge Vs Distance – Blame
Distance – Drawn
Distance – Falling (Feat Alys Be)
Cyrus – Looking Back
Distance – Mean Streak
Distance – Reboot
Distance – No Warning
Tunnidge – 7 Breaths

Magnetic Man – Perfect Stranger

Download: MistaJams Dubstep Special Guest Mix: Nero, Flux Pavillion, Kutz, MRK1, & Distance

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Roguefest | Asheville North Carolina | 2010

time October 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

The first annual RogueFest is being held in Asheville, North Carolina! This is the Place to be on Halloween Weekend. Rogue is your tasty alternative, extra topping to MoogFest, or Main Plan this Halloween in Asheville!

Music, Performance, Art, Visuals
Less than – 1 mile – walking Location updated distance from downtown!

…Massive local, regional & national lineup! (While moogfest takes over the city with their international lineup, this is where you can find the awesome local performers of Asheville who make this little freakville so cool + special regional & national guests and extra surprises!)…

Quetzatl , GalaxC Girl, Cleofus, Kri, Medisin, Intrinsic, D:Raf, Emory, Moving Temple, Brad Bitt, Aligning Minds, Numatik, Super Glitch Bros, Johan Ess, Dep, Disc-oh!, Collaboration with Sounds, DJ Avi, Crunky Brewster, Gilbot, & In Plain Sight

Freddy Todd, Chronicles of the Landsquid, Pericles, Afro Monk, Joshu, Fast Nasty, Ancient Intelligence, Magma Blood, Bass Disciples, & Klaws
more TBA

GalaxC Girl (projected visuals)

Dave McDermott (live painting)
Fire Fountian by Logan Alexander MacSporran

1320 Calendar Change by Sonfire


Brian Quinn – Handmade lampworked glass jewelry. Pendants, earrings and whatnot.

Brooke of Boheme Collective – Decoding your Dreams & making them come true. Reclaimed & Remixed Wearable Art with feathers, crystals, bones, vintage fabrics, found bits & more!


Tickets on sale now @

(if you have trouble with ticket sale page try deleting your browsing history or try another browser, like Google Chrome)

1 day – $12
3 day – $20
3 day + camping – $30
3 day couples discount tix + camping – $50

Limited onsite parking $5 (avail. for Roguefest Ticket holders ONLY)

235 Riverside Dr.
Asheville NC

More info @ Roguefest Facebook page



1) come party and camp at new BIGGER and BETTER location.
2) if you were a moog attendee only wanting rogue tix for camping you can come camp at new location OR I have a house with fenced in yard on Haywood Rd you can camp in.

The city does not care about logic and how facebook actually works. Since 4000 ppl were “invited” they are taking that as a fact that 4000 people will show up. LOL!!!

For new location please visit the Roguefest Facebook page & send them a message.

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Tipper | Broken Soul Jamboree | Stream Free

time October 19th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Tipper’s upcoming release Broken Soul Jamboree is streaming for FREE! Right now you can get a preview of the sexy new album by one of the biggest names around. Tipper has glided through so many genres and mastered such a unique sound that this album seems to capture all the world has in this release.

The official release date is November 15th and sure to be a great success. Truly a diverse chill fun downtempo album this developed into. I’ve listened to it a handful of times already while at work the past couple days.

Much respect to Tipper!

Tipper’s Broken Soul Jamboree Stream

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Project Aspect & Dj Rex | Artist Feature

time October 19th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

There are two things when I think of Denver. The fact that smoking out there is decriminalized and the amount of music/talent out there in unbelievable.

Today I wanted to showcase two producers who probably don’t get enough exposure. Project Aspect & Dj Rex.

I’ve been playing out plenty of Project Aspect tunes for awhile now and since I’ve been backed up for awhile and figure give some spotlight on him. He recently just put out a new tune on his SC page and it’s banging. Be sure to keep an eye out on this guy and anyone for that matter part of DBS (Denver Bass Squadron).

Next up is Dj Rex. I had always seen his name around soundcloud but not till he submitted some tunes to my group did I realize how much I was sleeping on this guy. He has done some amazing remixes and reworks not to mention some fresh originals. He is another producer that deserves some respect but so easy to forget in the sea of talent in Denver.

Here are mixes from both of these Colorado boys. Both will take you on a thrill ride of dubstep & glitch-hop.

All this talk about Denver really has me thinking about finally visiting Denver. I’m sure ski season is about to start so be sure to check out where these guys are playing out in Denver if you going for a ski trip. I assure you that the mecca for glitch-hop right now is Denver/Boulder area. Yes, I said it not LA.

Off the top of my head some other Denver/Boulder producers/DJs that validate my statement that it’s the mecca: Pretty Lights, Vibesquad, Ben Samples, Greg Fisk, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, Jantsen, Willy Whompa, Omega, Unlimited Gravity, and many more… Much love to all the homies out there!

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Art Outside 2010 | Texas Festival

time October 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Art Outside is a festival outside of Austin, TX. This year will be its 6th year going. The easiest way to describe Art Outside is a miniature Texas Burning Man. It’s a 3 day camping festival with tons of creative inspiring people. This year the event features over 300 artists, musicians, performers, and workshops. It’s large collection of people just coming together to share what they have to offer to the world.

There are world class performances, magical art installations, and unique artist from all around. Guests are encouraged to interact and share their passion and creativity for all that we call art.

This will be the first year I attend as I have just moved to Dallas, Texas in the past two weeks. I’m really looking forward to taking this adventure. It seems like a great place to meet likeminded artist and inspiring people. I took a trip to Austin to meet the infamous Psymbionic who runs the only Glitch-Hop weekly in all of Texas probably. He will be doing a set at Art Outside and has welcomed me to join his friends at his camp. I’m looking forward to seeing the Octophonic sound stage featuring a eight speakers & 360 degree sound stage.

Another random thing that I’m curious to see is the life size mouse trap. It apparently is a huge replica of the board game. There is also a 2 ton acme-esque safe dropping from a 30 foot crane which is probably a sight to see.

Other random things to know about the festival are that there will be food vendors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which will be vegan/raw friendly. There will be free filtered water areas. If you drink it’s a BYOB event so bring your own!

When: Friday through Sunday, October 22 – 24, 2010
Where: Apache Pass, 9112 N. FM 908, Rockdale, TX
How: $80 3-day Pass including Camping.

Music Highlights: Blockhead, Random Rab, Heyoka, Psymbionic, Brede, God-Des and She, Spoonfed Tribe, Brownout!, and more. Full lineup

Visual Artist Highlights: Jennifer Chenowith, George Kraus, Casey Warr, The Sound Cave Roadshow, Art of Such-N-Such, MT Pockets Traveling Midway of Curiosities and Delights, Michael Christian and Joe Santandrea. Full lineup

Here is a promo video for the event to give you a small taste of what is in store. It seems like Texas has quite the special event going on here. I can’t think of anything like this back home in Florida.

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