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+Verb | The Freebies of 2010!

time September 9th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

I’ll never forget meeting +verb in the chat room. He was always in and out of the chat and sharing links to his latest tunes. At first I’ll admit I was hesitant and didn’t really see myself using any of his tracks but he definitely had a unique sound that he was developing in every song.

Time progressed and I’d keep up with him on Soundcloud and chat with him whenever we were both in the chat. I’d say a couple months ago I left Soundcloud playing while doing work and was like damn what song is this I haven’t heard it and it’s solid. After that moment I realized wow +verb had figured something out but ever since then I’ve been looking forward to his every tune. You’ve really got to stay on top of him too because it’s release after release and if you sleep on it for too long it’ll probably disappear from his soundcloud. He has really evolved and I can tell only has just begun.

I’m real proud to say that I know this homie and that I run in the same circles as he does. He’s be a great person to know online and always so friendly. So friendly that he’s giving away a whole bunch of his tracks

Download +Verb’s –  The Freebies of 2010

Drank It All
Extend Our Awareness
Get On It
Hollow Be Thy Soul
Mead Bass Channel
RazR SancT
Slipping Away
Test Me
What’s Good
When Everything Worx

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