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Mt Eden Dubstep

time July 2nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Mt Eden is on top of the Dubstep game! Mt Eden is Jesse Cooper & Harley Rayner. They are both from New Zealand¬†originally. If there is any dubstep I was into besides the glitchy dubstep it was the chill female vocal dubstep. These guys totally rock out the melodic dubstep vibes. They’ve done some major remixes from Burial, Imogen Heap, and Prodigy. Homies need to put out a mixtape of their stuff. It’s ashame they haven’t put out a proper mix. Go out and check out some of their tunes below. Don’t let anyone tell you these guys aren’t dubstep. This is sound where it all began, well besides their Prodigy remix haha.

Here is a great interview with Jesse. This guy is totally legit.

Here are some tunes of theirs! Also a video of him throwing down hard at SF. Jesus those raves out there look out of control. Even Mt Eden brings it hard when he plays out.

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  1. Adam


    Mt Eden is by far the best dubstep artist out there right now. Sierre Leone is an amazing track.

  2. norma


    i love sierra leone (:

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