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The 200th Post! Thank You

time July 29th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , ,

This officially makes the 200th post for! I can’t believe it. It seems like it wasn’t long ago that I started this site.

I want to thank everyone who has ever been to my site and checked out any post. I want to give a MAJOR THANK YOU to all the producers out there that have actually answered my messages and e-mails. All of the people who send me their unreleased music and keep me up to date with all the latest tracks. If it wasn’t for you guys there wouldn’t be anything to write about. Keep doing what you love and making that sweet music.

It has been less than a year that has gone live and it’s become one of the best projects I’ve ever done. I’m glad to have PBJ on board and have him part of the team. I plan to expand this site more in the near future and do a complete re-design. The next major project I’ll be embarking on is becoming a producer and starting a label. Lots of big news will come out of this week-end in Vegas.

I want to make a list of all the people who have helped me with this site. The ones who I love to help out and share their music with you. They’ve done nothing but hooked it up and be a friend and not just some other person online.

No particular order but this post is for you guys that I’ve met online!

Sugarpill, Shilo, Ben Samples, HipGnosis, Mochipet, Protohype, Mussck, Will Marshall, Great Scott, Richard Sweat, Lost in Bass, Freddy Todd, Pressha, Plus2, Willy Whompa, Stephan Jacobs, Kraddy, and all the others I’ve forgotten! Thank you!

You’ve all been a huge inspiration!

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Ben Samples | Respiration

time July 29th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Ben Samples is back again with a new release. This time it’s packed with 4 glitch hop club bangers. The first track Boss absolutely slays crowds. I’ll never forget how it went off when I dropped it at Get Low in Miami when I played it. The other tracks are serious pieces of work and also includes Nano Puppy the collab track with Stephan Jacobs.

Who know what we’ll hear from Samples next. He’s taken the glitch hop scene by storm and has an arsenal of new tracks ready to drop. One thing is for sure whatever this man touches you’ll hear some serious crunk bass to come along with it.

Much respect to my home Samples.
Looking forward to playing along side with him in NY in August!

Purchase the release: Ben Samples – Respiration

Preview the four tracks below:

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Stephan Jacobs | Square 1 EP | Nano Puppy

time July 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Stephan Jacobs is becoming quite the legend in my book. Along with some of the biggest names in the west coast Stephan had to releases yesterday. His house tracks along with some dubstep tunes were released on his latest EP, Square 1. The EP features remixes from Sugarpill, Jupit3r, and Ruff Hauser. I’m telling you one thing and being serious about this. Stephan Jacobs isn’t going anywhere and remember to stay on top of this guy. His recent tunes have been stellar and have heard clips of the new ones ahead. Another next level sound producer. Truly an inspiration.

Pick up Square 1 EP by Stephan Jacobs exclusively on Beatport.

Stephan and Ben Samples had teamed up awhile ago on a fresh tune Nano Puppy. Samples EP was releases as well but worth mentioning this one track in this post. It’s one hell of a glitch hop track. These two working together is like getting pineapple and mango in one fruit, pure bliss. Shout out to homie Sugarpill on this one as well since he mastered the tune.

Pick up Stephan Jacobs & Ben Samples – Nano Puppy

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Cottonmouth | Wake Up EP | Artist Spotlight

time July 27th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

Cottonmouth  is Olly Edgecombe and resides near Bristol, UK.  Olly is well educated and uses excellent grammar, says please and thank you, and fathers would be happy if he dated their daughters (LOL). Cottonmouth, on the other hand, is a raving lunatic whose dubstep tracks have dark, screaming basslines, sinister drum programming, and disturbing melodies add all of this together and the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde routine is complete. At the end of the day Olly has truly become a person in my book. We’ve exchanged messages plenty of times and he’s always on point. I’ve been stalling this post for awhile now and glad to finally have put this one together to share with everyone.

Olly has been making music since he was 14. He started the whole game when he got into drum n bass, which consumed him. Now his taste in music has been cultivated and openned up to new things such as dubstep, electronica, electro, IDM, and much more.

Olly took a six year hiatus ever since a near death skate accident. He’s back now and making quite the name for himself. His soundcloud has absolutely exploded and he’s on the way to the top of the dubstep game in the UK.

If the stapedius (ear) is the smallest muscle in the body, Cottonmouth’s tunes will ensure that even the largest muscle in the body, the gluteus maximus (ass) will be unable to hold still and start shaking of it’s own accord.

His debut release, Wake Up, is out today on Permanent Damage Records.
Preview the release below and check out an extra goodie below.

1.“Moving On” opens by paying homage to that pioneer of dubstep, Johann
Sebastian Bach, with its contrapuntal fugue intro. If that sounds like another
language, not to worry: the bass drops hard, and we’re off to the three-legged
dubstep races.

2.“Chinese Breakaway” cranks up the intensity and turns the dubstep wobble
inside out with constant variations over a heavy beat that would make John
Bonham tap his toes and Rick Allen clap his hands.

3.“Stompbox” uses vocal samples and a simple hook to build to several
climaxes, and is a surefire dancefloor mover.

4.Closing with the aptly named “Faceslap,” Cottonmouth leaves us wanting
more. The unsettling melody and changing rhythms keep us on our toes until
the final wobbly bass note echoes into nothingness.

Check out his next big release. This tune is vibing and rumor has it will be featured on BBC Radio.

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R/D – Face of God EP

time July 27th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

R/D has released his new EP just now, Face of God. Just got the e-mail minutes ago and totally feeling this. Glad to be awake for this. First track is absolutely banging and has some fresh production behind it. R/D is definitely making a name for himself and these new tunes are an example of his unique take on the whole west coast glitch vibe going on out there. The future of bass is upon us and this next level EP is a prime example of where production and live performers are going to be doing till the next big thing. Big up to R/D for this release and including a free tune along with this.

Go buy R/D – Face of God EP! It’s cheap and seriously an all around great piece to add to any music collection.

If you want to just preview the tracks check them out below =D

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Pixelord & +Verb | Whyyy | Collab

time July 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Pixelord and +verb have officially teamed up on a hella of a collaboration. American and Russian producers working together on a tune, got to love the internet!  I was graced with a message the other night about posting a blog post about this track late at night. Ended up openning it first thing in the morning since homie +verb always sends over fresh tunes. Notice the collab with Pixelord and wonder what the two producers have put together. BLISS is what they’ve done. This track is what I’d call Future Garage meets Glitch Hop. It’s got a chill garage feel yet elements of hip hop and funky glitch groove. These two producer are on the way to the top. +verb has 3 EPs about to drop on different labels and Pixelord has just put tons of new goodness on his Soundcloud so expect some new ish from him as well.

Check out the tune below =)

+verb solo tracks:

Pixelord solo tracks:

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Mary Anne Hobbs Leaves BBC Radio 1

time July 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,


Mary Anne Hobbs announces her departure from her famous BBC Radio 1 Experimental Show. This is a monumental day because it ends an era of one the greatest radio shows in experimental music history. MAH has brought some of the current biggest stars in underground music to life. You can always count on hearing some of the ahead of the times producers on her show. I don’t even want to attempt to list all the artist I’ve discovered and come to love from her weekly show.  She leaves the show at it’s highest peak and going strong. This by no means was her leaving because of a decline in listeners. I wish you the best of luck in all your new endeavors and Thank You for all you’ve done for radio and music.

Below is the letter she posted on her Myspace announcing her departure.


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Love and Light | Artist Spotlight

time July 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,


Love and Light is Probiotik & 4Centers. Reno, Nevada is their home and they’re putting a place on the map right now. They’ve been on a huge up and up in the past couple months. The duo has been putting out banging remixes and putting so much love into everything. The main tipping point for them has been two The Beatles remixes.

The success of the track has caught the attention of everyone including the one and only MartyParty. The duo and Marty have been working in the background on a remix of their own, Roxanne! You’re favorite drinking game song has officially been whomped out to your delight. Massive respect to Matt and Ryan.

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Seattle Decibel Festival 2010

time July 20th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,


Decibel Festival is celebrating it’s 7 year in 2010. I’ll never forget last year hearing about it and all the amazing talent that was attending. Decibel is one giant conference of parties spanning through 5 days. There are many venues associated with the conference holding different events every night. The showcases at DB are to die for.

This years line up is nothing short of spectacular. Headlining this years conference is none other than Modeselektor! There are endless amounts of talent to check out. This will be my first year attending and have been looking forward to this event ever since I went to Lightning in a Bottle. Seattle’s bass scene is comprised of some of the most welcoming people on the planet.


Here is a video that was put together to recap last years DB Festival. As the years progress the event just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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Defcon 18 | Performers and Djs!

time July 19th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,


Defcon 18 is the LARGEST hacker convention in the world. It has been going 18 years strong and has brought in approximately 7,000 attendees last year. Defcon is held every year in Las Vegas and has some of the greatest talent come out and give talks and lectures on all sorts of interesting topics in the community.

It isn’t all about speakers and workshops. Defcon also likes to party and brings in quite a diversity of talented performers and Djs! This year the Rivera Hotel and Casino will be hosting the event and will have the pool open to party and ballroom ready to get down.

There’s endless things to get yourself into at this years Defcon. Here are links to information on all the talks and info about all the acts coming in to play.

Speakers / Djs/Bands

I can’t wait to party with the whole crew that is attending. It’s going to get wild. I’ll be playing Saturday night by the pool!!!

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