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MartyParty Live Mix: Coachella 2008

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I’ve been in a odd place since I’ve returned from my California trip to Lightning in a Bottle 2010. I’m back stronger and a better person but at the same time I’ve been having withdrawals, music withdrawals. How could I take myself back to those amazing memories?! Music! One of my favorite performances of Lightning in a Bottle was MartyParty. The amount of energy he brings to his sets is second to none! I’ve had the opportunity to play out and after seeing MartyParty live I knew that this man is one of my role models. I ended up going online and searching all over for more of this mans mixes. I found many but the true diamond of the mixes I found was his Coachella 2008 mix. It’s hard to believe that most of the tracks that he dropped were done so early on. It wasn’t till late last year that The Sauce came out which quite a handful of the tracks off it are featured in this mix. Rock on MartyParty and hope to catch you again soon!

Sit back and enjoy one of the crunkest mixes around by MartyParty Live at Coachella 2008

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