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Afro Monk’s WMC Promo Mix Live on by AfroMonk

November is more oriented for the Glitchy side of things.
Lots of female vocals to help get the mood started.
Let the glitchy bass take you and bring you back down.
Afro Monk’s – November Mixtape

This is a mixtape I put together for easy listening dubstep tracks.
More intended for people new to the dubstep and has tons of more girlie tracks. Toned down the bass more than usual.
Afro Monk’s Music for You – From Me

This is my first attempt to mix Glitch.
Eventually this is all I want to mix but need tons of practice.
I know I can do much better but wanted to record something.
Afro Monk’s October Glitch Mix

Here is probably the 4th mix I ever recorded…
Not happy with it but really dig these tracks.
Probably have some more mixes up in near future.
Afro Monk – August Mix

Here is a Drum N Bass Mix I did with some of my favorite classics.
This was the 2nd mix I ever did on the NS7.
Mixing needs work but for now it’s worth posting…
Afro Monk – June’s DnB Mix

(right click and Save Link As to download mix)

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