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Supersci releases a free track from the upcoming album

time May 28th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,


Fellow Sundsvallian Hip Hop group Supersci just now released a free downloadable track from their upcoming album “Timelines” called “Snap out of it”.

The northern melancholy is still present in their sound and the sample with the keyed fiddle just takes my viking soul to a higher place, the beat is produced by Arka and Erik L from Flyphonic Beats (also key members of Supersci)

Download the track here (@ Supersci’s homepage)

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Kemek – Sine Language

time May 27th by Pierre authorTags: , , ,

Sine Language_2

Artist: Kemek
Title: Sine Language
Cat # Muti062
UPC # 705105140308

1. Sine Language 4:46
2. Road To Somewhere (Remix) 4:47
3. Ignorant Dub 4:10
4. Vitamin Drumming 5:30

Kemek was the first artist to be released on Muti Music and now he’s back on the said label for a new EP. I haven’t heard the 12” that was released on Muti back in 2002 so I can’t say much about that but let me fill you in on what goin’ on with Kemek 2010.

Sine Language feature 4 minimal Dubstep tunes and to be honest I find this EP quite boring, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Track one & three are deconstructed Dubstep and they just float by and nothing stucks in your brain. Track two & four are a tad better, track two features some chimes which I find and the forth tracks has some chiptunes/bitpop influences which makes the song listenable.

Perhaps I’m not the best person to review “old school Dubstep” ’cause I grew tired of it back in 2006 but for me this is one of the weakest release from Muti Music, but be you own judge and take a listen to it, perhaps you’ll like it more than yours truly.

Kemek @ Myspace
Muti Music

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Afro Monk’s Lightning in a Bottle 2010 Schedule

time May 25th by John-Michael authorTags: ,

Lightning in a Bottle

I’ve gone through the list and time slots and marked all the artist I want to catch. Looks like I can stay up quite late partying since most the acts I’m digging don’t start till 5pm for the most part. Damn them for putting Beat Antique & Apparat at same time Saturday! Any people on here that you suggest I check out before any of these start let me know.

Seems like from whatever time I wake up till the music starts I’ll be exploring or checking out art, workshops, gallery’s, yoga classes, and more!

Lightning Stage Bamboo Stage The Woogie
11:00am – Opening Ceremony 2:30 – Ms. KRYSTEE 4:30 – micah j
3:00 – Solillilaquists of Sound 3:45 – Timonkey 6:00 – Dj Blue
4:30 – Rena Jones 5:00 – Sidecar Tommy 7:30 – Red Sonya
6:00 – Lynx & Janover 6:15 – Heyoka 9:00 – Jokton Strealy
7:30 – Vatra 7:30 – Jupit3r 10:30 – Sandra Collins
7:45 – Big Gigantic 8:45 – Daddy Kev 12:30 – Oscure
9:00 – Ricochet – Poetic Acrobats 10:00 – MartyParty
9:30 – Nico Vega 11:15 – El Circo Performance
10:30 – William / Earth Harp 11:45 – KRADDY
10:45 – EOTO 1:00 – Krazy Baldhead
12:00 – Fire Groove
12:30 – Booka Shade
Lightning Stage Bamboo Stage The Woogie
12:30 – Luminaries 12:30 – Critical Beats 11:00 – Faith D’Marco
1:30 – Shakti Sunfire 1:45 – Kitty D 12:30 – Manny Greensector
2:00 – Peter Goetz 3:00 – Auditory Canvas 2:00 – Motion Potion
3:00 – William / Earth Harp 4:15 – Govinda 3:30 – Wolfie
3:30 – Rey Fresco 5:30 – R/D 5:00 – Patricio
4:30 – Stilt Circus 6:30 – Nosaj Thing 6:30 – Bass Cadet
5:00 – David Starfire Ensemble 7:45 – Random Rab 8:00 – Ron Levy
6:15 – Agent Red 9:00 – Eliot Lipp 10:00 – John Tejada
6:30 – Ott 10:15 – An-ten-nae 12:00 – Treavor Moontribe
7:45 – Wandering Marionettes 11:30 – Adam Freeland
8:15 – BLVD 12:45 – Apparat
9:30 – Liquid Fire Mantra
10:00 – March Fourth Marching Band
11:30 – Lucent Dossier Experience
12:00 – Vau de Vire Aerial
12:30 – Beats Antique
Lightning Stage Bamboo Stage The Woogie
12:00 – The Makers 11:45 – Sweet Snacks 10:30 – Wyse
1:15 – Vokab Kompany 12:45 – The Ianator 12:00 – Pumpkin
2:45 – Cohen 2:00 – Geno Cochino 1:30 – Michael Hart
4:15 – Fishtank Ensemble 3:15 – SaQi 3:00 – BodyRock Dj’s
5:15 – Agent Red 4:30 – Shawna 4:30 – Saynt
5:45 – Vagabond Opera 5:45 – El Papachango 6:00 – Dj Garth
6:45 – Shakti Sunfire 7:00 – Emancipator 7:30 – Lee Burridge
7:15 – Bluetech’s Satori Social 8:15 – Dj Laura 10:30 – Jesse Wright & Sammy Bliss
8:30 – Shedding Skin 9:30 – Daedelus 12:30 – Terrakroma
9:00 – The Album Leaf 10:45 – MiM0SA
10:15 – Vau de Vire Society 12:00 – VibeSquaD
11:15 – The Very Best
12:15 – William / Earth Harp
12:45 – The Glitch Mob

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Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival 2010

time May 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,


Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival is less than a week away. I’ll be flying out of Miami straight to California via Virgin America Friday morning. One of my great friends, Sugarpill will be picking me up from the airport and we’ll begin our journey!


Let me first tell you that I’ve never been camping in my life nor have had any interest in camping. You could probably call me a prissy bitch but honestly that’s just how I was raised and never got into the whole outdoor thing. I’m a huge geek/nerd and always spent my free time usually on the computer. Don’t get me wrong I played base ball, soccer, football, and track & field but probably would prefer being at home playing StarCraft while listening to music being young. I’ve become an adult and spent more time inside now when not traveling because nothing is better than a long night with a beautiful woman being inside listening to music, talking, and cuddling. WAIT a second…! That can all be done at this festival with the stars staring down at you?! NOW IT MAKES SENSE! hahaha

lightning in a bottle music festival

LIB is a festival where the creative meet and celebrate the world we live in with music, art, workshops, dancing, and all sorts of outdoor things people do *cough* hippies *cough*. What ultimately made me decide that I was going to go was my undying Love for music. At the end of the day LIB is a music festival. There is so much to do and so many artist to catch live! You could probably spend hours reading about each performer or workshop that will be at LIB. I’ve gone through the list of all the musical talent and made an “Afro Monk’s MUST SEE AT LIB”

Afro Monk’s Must See List @ Lightning at a Bottle 2010

An-ten-nae, Apparat, Beats Antique, Booka Shade, Daddy Kev, Daedelus, Eliot Lipp, Emancipator, EOTO, Heyoka, Jupit3r, KRADDY, MartyParty, MiM0SA, Nosaj Thing, R/D, The Album Leaf, The Glitch Mob, & VibeSquaD. Let’s not forget the BREATHE TAKING performance of Lucent Dossier!!! (see below)

Everyone on the East Coast please take notes of these… I can’t explain to you how talented each of those acts are. I have no idea how I’m going to catch all of them let alone catch some new music in the process!

It’s absolutely hilarious and shows off some great photos!

Besides the unbelievable amounts of music there is endless amounts of art! When I mean art I mean it in every aspect: fashion, installations, gallery’s, sculptures, lights, dance, etc..

Must Read Guides From Two of My Favorite Bloggers!
Shilo’s Guide
Boho Crush Guide

I’ll be meeting up with Shilo and part of the BWOMP Camp! Come say whats up and introduce yourself! Going with only knowing about a handful of people and hope to come back with many new friends! I’ll have stickers and cards so feel free to ask for some!


Some epic videos of past LIB’s!

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Claro – Mix May – Miami Glitch Dubstep

time May 21st by John-Michael authorTags: None

Claro - Dubstep Glitch Hop Mix -

Introducing a member of our Miami Glitch family, CLARO!
This weeks Fire Friday Mix goes to him and boy will it take you on a journey. This mix was aired live on earlier this month. Claro is no stranger to the DJ world, quite the veteran. He has held residency’s here in Miami and New York.

Claro incorporates quite a diversity of genres in this mix. Jumping from Glitch Hop, Dubstep, to Hip Hop. He specializes on working with turntables but has been working on our Numark NS7 when playing on Look out for him because he’s back to producing music and mixing. Proud to have him part of our Miami Glitch crew.

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The Glitch Mob – Drink the Sea STREAM!

time May 19th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,
Boreta, edIT, & Ooah = The Glitch Mob

Boreta, edIT, & Ooah = The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob is BACK! They’ve finished up the album and it’s all mastered!
The album is due out May 25th, 2010. This will be the first Mobs full release.
There new live setup is blowing people away. They have added much more to the lemur setup.
These guys are on a massive tour with over 30+ dates. You’ll def want to catch them!
I’m beyond hyped to hear their set at Lightning in a Bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They’ve been generous to put their album to preview already. That’s right you can stream the whole album for FREE! Let’s just say the slay sound has been turned down quite a bit and more of a mellow feel with some crazy drum patterns and synths. Don’t get me wrong this album brings heat but it’s not exactly what they use to bring to the table. It’s good to hear how they’ve evolved but people are going to be disappointed as usual. The people who want the crazy bangers look to the side projects (Paintyraid, Nasty Ways, Sporque, etc) of the members. Trust me these guys have plenty of other tunes just not under The Glitch Mob name.

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Aphex Twins – New 2010 Music – Live Richard D. James

time May 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,


ARE YOU SERIOUS!@#!~%#$!@~

Live video taken from:
Aphex Twin – Metz – 15.05.2010

Big Thanks to Shilo… one of the only few ppl who stays on top of music more than I do it seems!

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Get Low – Machine Drum, Romulo, Afro Monk, Juan Basshead, Gooddroid, & Bunnyfuzz

time May 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Get Low Machine Drum Afro MonkGet Low Machine Drum Afro Monk Flyer

Machine Drum once a Florida resident comes back to show people what’s up with the funk, boogie, and dance grooves. Expect hella dope set from him that will leave you wanting more. It’s always a pleasure to see a live DJ with pads dropping live beats and samples over tracks. Be sure to check out his event he host in NY, cassettenyc!

I’m beyond excited to share a stage with such a prolific producer. Also on the bill is Romulo from Soul Oddity. I can’t wait to relive the set I caught during WMC. This man is a pioneer for electronic music in Miami. One of the founders of Schematic records which has put Miami on the map for many around the world. Pay your respects to this man because he has done a lot for the music scene here. He is one of the people I look up to and consider a role model of what I’m doing myself here in Miami.

Lets get this out here in the public. I promise to bring you some fresh new sounds. My motto of this site is “Keep it Fresh!” and that is what I plan to do this Thursday at Vagabond. The set I plan on dropping will have a heavy glitchy bass feel with popular tracks we all have heard remixed with some big drops. I’m calling this my Glitchy Bass Set. Majority of it will be dubstep but with an added glitch feel sprinkled with some Glitch Hop.

Be sure to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gooddroid and Munkz!
Now for all the details of the event!

SHAKE joins up with BassHead Music to GET LOW once again at Vagabond! MACHINE DRUM is flying down from New York to bring a fresh new sound to your favorite monthly bass party.

Machine Drum (Normrex/Merck/NYC)
Romulo (Schematic/Phoenecia/Soul Oddity)
Afro Monk (Miami Glitch/
Juan Basshead (BassHead Music)
Gooddroid (Down)
Bunnyfuzz (Smut+Bass/WVUM)

Visuals by VJ MUNKZ

MCs Jumanji + Nome

FUNKTION1 Sound System to fill your BASS needs!

Resident DJs DS, A-Train, Alex Caso + The Whisper keep the SHAKE soundsystem going in the other two rooms.

Ladies Free before Midnight.

No Cover all night with your GET LOW Tshirt! If you don’t have one yet, hit up
RSVP to for No Cover before 11pm.

$1 Colt 45 til 11pm, $5 Cuba Libre all night!

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The Realist – Hate Speech

time May 18th by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,


Artist: The Realist
Title: Hate Speech
Cat # Muti060 & Muti061
UPC # 705105140001 – vocal
UPC # 705105140100 – instrumental

Muti060 – Hate Speech
1. Decay In Daisy’s 4:08
2. The Taktikal Torture Skroll 5:22
3. 5 & A Half Steps (feat. Ben Sharpa) 3:44
4. His Hypocritical Ways (feat. Gambino) 4:25
5. The Ass Track 2:50

Muti061 – Hate Speech (Instrumentals)
1. Decay In Daisyʼs (Instrumental) 4:11
2. The Ass Track (Instrumental) 2:50
3. 5 & A Half Steps (Instrumental) 3:45
4. The Taktikal Torture Skroll (Instrumental) 5:24
5. His Hypocritical Ways (Instrumental) 4:25

The Realist is a hip hop project from South Africa featuring the producer T.O.B. who has previously released two great EP’s on Muti.

I’m sorry to say but this might be the first time that I will complain about a Muti release, it’s nothing wrong with the beats cause T.O.B. know what he’s doing, to bad you can’t say that about the rapper.

The rap is so dry and uninspiring that I want to switch to the instrumental version as soon as he open his mouth. It was a smart move from Muti to release two verions of the EP, one with vocals and one instrumental.

Buy the instrumetal version and enjoy some real good beats and stay away from the vocal version.

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ENVISION : Step into the sensory box

time May 17th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

I felt like posting this.
It was breathtaking and haven’t posted much art stuff on here lately.

This was done by:

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