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March 13th Hijack – Late Night Dubstep Session – Old & New Dubstep Mix

March 9th Monday Night Show – Liturgy of the Hours – Afro Monk

Febuary 22nd Monday Night Show – Liturgy of the Hours – Afro Monk

Here are links to some of my most recent mixes that I’ve recorded for
I’ll have Munkz mixes uploaded soon. We still need quite a bit of practice.
Been running into some serious hardware problems lately but should be sorted this Monday.
The two of us have been on a rut lately but things are coming together.
Our event Slippery is on March 27th during WMC and plan to rock it!!

Constructive criticism is appreciated. Been playing tons of old dubstep tunes.
Tonight during that hijack I wanted some practice with dubstep since DJing a party this up coming Saturday. Going to play a little of everything from the beginning stages of dubstep to the brostep of today. Should be a good time. Maybe I’ll stream some of it.

Thanks for checking out some of the mixes =)

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  1. garebot


    hello mister afro monk. these are some great mixes and I listen to it all the time. I was wondering if maybe you could answer a question.

    ON your November mix a while back in 2009 the second song on the mix is FUCKIN AMAZING. please could you give me the name of the song and artist?

    Your big fan Garebot

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