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Glitchy & Scratchy – Broken Logic

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Artist: Glitchy & Scratchy
Title: Broken Logic
Cat # Muti056
UPC # 705105138602

1. Glitchy & Scratchy – Speech Therapy 4:38
2. Glitchy & Scratchy – What Frank Said 5:52
3. Glitchy & Scratchy vs Myles Away – Tokyo Tonight 7:06
4. Glitchy & Scratchy – Brain Saw 4:08
5. Glitchy & Scratchy – Embeddit 4:25
6. Glitchy & Scratchy vs 24-Bit – Me + 1 5:46

At first when I listened to ”Broken Logic” I was kind of disappointed case I though it was to slow and anonymous but after a few spins I was really hooked. Glitchy & Scratchy has been around for a while now making a name in the Glitch Hop underground with various tracks and mixes.

What makes these guys a bit different from all the other Glitch Hop acts is that Glitchy & Scratchy implements some chiptunes/8bit-tunes into their music but still keeping true to their bass roots for a real good “soundscape”.

Another great release from Muti Music!

Take a listen to the third track “Tokyo Tonight” here:

Glitchy & Scratchy vs Myles Away – Tokyo Tonight by Muti Music

Glitchy & Scratchy @ Myspace
Integrated Grime Unit @ Myspace
Muti Music

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Interview – Erik L

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Erik L is a Swedish producer best known for his work with the groups Supersci and Favorite Flava. Today he will release his solo debut album “The Soularp Suite” on his own imprint Soularp Records. Don’t miss this album if you’re into futuristic funky hiphop based beats ’cause this album is extremely wicked.

Hey Erik, how thing’s today?

Hey I’m fine! How are you? (All good here/Pierre)

You’re about to release your debut solo album any day now. Can you tell me the story behind it, why did you choose to record a solo album? As a member of the hip hop act Supersci, do you feel that the music you make under the name Supersci doesn’t satisfy your musical output, ergo the solo album?

I have been releasing my solo material since early 2008 and I did my solo album because I make alot of music. I had already put out a digital free EP, the Favorite Flava album (me and producer / singer Stray), a vinyl EP with US rapper Cerebral Vortex and worked with a bunch of American emcees so it was a natural thing to do and I know people want to hear a full length Erik L album. No we are working on the new Supersci album right now, and we are taking it in a new fresh direction, still the jazzy vibe but maybe a little more soulful and funky sounding and not completely sample based, that’s how I would describe it.

When you produce for Supersci you and Arka goes under the name Flyphonic Beats, why did you make the choice to distance yourself from Flyphonic and release an album under your own name?

Arka have been working on his things and besides Supersci, producing for a Swedish rapper called Mangemyt among other things and I have been fortunate enough to be able to work almost full time with my music the last 2 or 3 years and when you work in the studio almost every day you keep getting alot of tracks! Plus I wanted to go in a little other direction with my music. Keep the musicality but a bit less jazzy compared to Flyphonic and a little heavier and more funk driven. I have always loved funk, listened a lot to jazz and funk when I was a kid and also played saxophone in a jazz-funk band. Lately I almost stopped sampling and instead play all the instruments myself. I get tired of myself after doing the same style or sound for too long. Im always looking forward and have a hard time listening to stuff that I made a while ago, which could be a problem when I have unreleased tracks laying around and starting to get old (for me).

The album will be released digital on your newly founded label Soularp Records, how did you come up with the idea to start your own imprint? So far you’ve released two albums (not counting your album), please inform the readers about these two.

I started the label because me and Detroit producer Illingsworth had an album laying around that we have been working with on and off since 2007, and 2009 we were going to have it released on a label on vinyl, CD and digital but that didn’t happen for some reason so I decided to release it myself digitally. The CD will be out on Still Siblings Ent, which is the Swedish rapper Numb’s label (I produced his latest CD except one track). So Northern Connection was the first release which have been working out better than I could have imagined with a lot of buzz and airplays, and in February we released my man Stray’s (from Favorite Flava) album. It’s a soul album going in a few different directions from pop to electro funk. He makes great songs and has a great sense for harmonies and chords.

You have invited some guests to take part of your album, namely Frank n Dank, Cerebral Vortex & Paul Mac Innes & Stray. Did you know that these were the artists you wanted to work with before you started to record the album or did they come along during the duration of the recording?

No that just happened. I have a bunch of tracks recorded with Frank n Dank and I took 2 of them to the album. I wanted one last track with rap and Cerebral Vortex did a verse on a track called ”Ascension” I asked Paul to sing on it too and he did something super quick which I think sounded great. The album is mostly instrumental though.

Talking about Stray, you’re also involved in the “future soul”(?) project Favorite Flava with Stray. So far you’ve released one album. Shed some light on the project for the readers.

I checked Stray’s myspace page maybe early 2008 and was like damn, this is some nice music and asked him to sing on a track with Kissey Asplund for a free EP I was doing and it turned out fine so I sent him some more beats and he recorded to alot of them and he was very fast too, just like me and I guess we decided to do an album instead. So we did, and we had a couple of labels interested but settled with Ubeat Records which seemed like a fresh new forward thinking label run by Jay Scarlett and Onur Engin. We got some great feedback on the album and a lot of airplay around the world.


Going back to your album, one can spot influences from a broad spectra of music may it be hip hop, soul, electronica & folk music but how do you personally describe it? Do you have a particular label that you use?

No, instrumental (space funk) hip hop… at least on my latest album. I try to have my own sound harmonically.. or actually it comes naturally because I’m not super trained in musical theory so I do it in my own way. I do think I have a good musical ear though and a feeling for what type of things that works rhythmically and what doesn’t, plus I can improvise on any instrument I play. That helps me alot coming up with something unique musically. Of course I spend a lot of time on the drums, try to come up with something fresh.

You play most of the instruments on the album yourself. Are you a schooled musician or have you learned to play on you own? And which is the ultimate musical instrument ever?

I started playing the drums when I was very young, my father taught me but he could only play jazz so the first things I learned on the drums were to swing, you know on the ride cymbal and small improvised fills on the snare. Then I took piano lessons when starting going to school, but I thought it was boring until I learned how to improvise on an instrument, after that I started to play the saxophone when I was maybe 13 and played it kind of seriously for a number of years. I also liked to play electric bass and borrowed an old Stingray and I remember I used to play to a Herbie Hancock tune called ”Spider”, that was the type of music I was listening to when I was around 14. In the little place where I grew up most kids were listening to heavy metal. Late 1998 I made my first beat. Later on I practised bass every day and almost stopped making beats for like 2 years.

You’ve produced a lot of other artists as well during the years. Swedish artists like Organism 12, Fjärde Världen, Fattaru, Kissey Asplund etc. as well as some foreign names (Cerebral Vortex). What does the future hold for you as a producers for others? Do you have any artists you would like to work with?

Who I would like to work with, I would say Erykah Badu, Gerogria Anne Muldrow, Bilal and Steve Spacek. My main goal now is to focus on my instrumental music. I think that’s where the most interesting music is made now, like the whole beat scene that is getting bigger and bigger.

If we shall go back in time a bit, 2007 you released the Flyphonic album which has been grossly overlooked by the listeners. Why is this you think?

Don’t know really, I think it’s a good album but maybe because it was only distributed in Sweden and Scandinavia I think and not promoted anywhere else, and it is probably a bit too leftfield for most Swedish hip hop listeners. Sweden is a small country.

What kind of music do you listen to yourself these days?

I try to check some of the new beat makers coming out and there are some cool ones out there. I also listen to classical music sometimes when relaxing, I love Estonian composer Arvo Pärt that’s some deep minimalistic shit. Hip hop producers that try to take it forward that I like are for example, Sa Ra, Flying Lotus and Georgia Anne Muldrow.

That was all I had this time. Finnish of by telling what the nearest future holds for Erik L, Supersci, Soularp Records and Favorite Flava.

The Supersci album is coming out probably some time after the summer, me and a rapper called 7even:Thirty have an EP, where we have Hezekiah featured on a track. It’s coming out on Soularp. We have some new Favorite Flava material in the making and me and Paul Mac Innes are going to work on new material, I’m really looking forward to that because he is one of the best soul voices around if you ask me. The Favorite Flava album will be released in Japan this year on the label Wonderful Noise with a vinyl EP coming out in May.

Erik L @ Myspace
Favorite Flava @ Myspace
Soularp Records @ Myspace

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Gooddroid – WMC Dubstep Promo Mix 2010

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Alright here is another special WMC mix. It’s all about the dubstep on this one. This mix is from none other than Gooddroid! She is the one local DJ that I will always support and care about. She is the biggest sweetheart in the business here. There is no other DJ out here in Miami that has been so supportive for new things and working in all sorts of different stuff besides dubstep.

Look out for her in the future! She’s only 22 and running around the city playing almost every night. This NY native has such a serious background in music it’s not even funny. Don’t forget to check out DOWN a weekly dubstep night at Club Cinema that she host on Sundays.

Come out and support her WMC Edition of DOWN on Sunday the 28th at Club Cinema

Safe Noogie Mix (New Dubstep/WMC Promo) (3-17-10) by  gooddroid


1. Numan- Secrets
2. Silkie- Illegal Immigrant
3. Monsta- Street Fighter
4. Hektagon- Tokyo
5. Plan B- She Said (16 Bit Remix)
6. Ginz & Kool Money- Oreo
7. Siyoung- Fire!
8. Drumsound & Bassline Smith- Clap Your Hands (Remix)
9. Louis La Roche- Malfunction (The Killabits Dubstep Remix)
10. Vibezin- I Need You
11. Jakes- Rhythm
12. Joker- Tron
13. Rumble Inna Station (Skream Remix)
14. Starkey- Stars (Slugabed Did A Remix)
15. Von D Feat Moxy Phinx- Miss Maui

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Miami WMC 2010 Promo Mixes

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Here are some Promo Mixes that have come out for WMC 2010…!!!

It’s going to be a WMC too remember!!!

Pressha- WMC 2010 Promo Mix by  PrEssHa

Bump Up Yo Step (WMC 2010 Promo Mix) by  bensamples

Afro Monk’s WMC Promo Mix Live on by AfroMonk

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Friends. Different Types..

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To think I wrote this almost 5 years ago sends chills down my body. I haven’t changed one bit yet become more open minded and experienced. One of my life friends and people that I Love dearly brought this post up last night.

Decided I show some of my views about friendship on here. Despite this being about music, art, film, etc… At the end of the day you write and share things to find people who appreciate the things we discover. True friendships can form at anytime. I was reminded of this today because a simple e-mail request to exchange links has turned out to be one of the sweetest people I’ve met. They have inspired me so much with their words and help me realize anything is possible when it came to planning this WMC event.

Thank you to all my friends out there.
You know who you are… I only open up to a select few.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Friends. Different Types..

In life humans have had to interact with another. In family, school, and out in the every day life. Some of us chose to be more social than others and some its just in there nature to keep to themselves mostly. The people we accept into our world and spend most of our time with we call our friends. I believe there’s many type of friends as we grow older. I feel like getting into this topic because of lots of things that are happening now during the summer as I’ve returned to Miami, my home town.

I’m going to categorize friendship into different types: acquaintances, click friends, best friends, and life friends.

I have to mention these because these are the one’s that are probably the most vague. They are the people who you’ve met or been around a lot but never moved it to more than a quick conversation. Of course these people can all of a sudden turn into deeper friends but its just never happened. I would say this is the largest group of friends we all have because of all the social interaction and environments we’ve been placed in. These are the people you see while your out walking around in the mall, see at a party occasionally, or just see out on the street. Usually its a quick hello or nod to acknowledge each other. Nothing too deep. Some of these could be friends you’ve had back in the day while you hung out with a certain click but no longer do. Also another type of person that might fit into this group is someone you know though online and never met but have an occasional conversation here and there online or though messages in myspace. Going to four different high school I’ve acquired a tremendous of acquaintances because I never really gave most people a chance to get to know me unless they seemed interesting. Many people ask me wow dude you know lots of people and such but truth is they don’t mean anything to me they are just people who I consider acquaintances.

Click Friends:
As clique it is to call a certain group a click it’s reality. As we grow up we’ve been part of some type of group that has stuck together for some time. Sometimes we have lots of these clicks and others have just stuck to one group which I wouldn’t place in this group but in life friends. Click friends are the people who we’ve hung out for awhile or currently hang out with. They are the people who usually you see together with on a usual bases. I’ve been around many different groups just because I’ve realized I don’t seem to fit in anywhere with a small group. I also believe that it changes many people if they are around certain people. Of course if you really think about it no one fits in a group perfectly because everyone is different and there is no ideal mold for people to fit in a group of people (atleast not most clicks). I find this the most interesting of all the types of friends because you get to get a collection of people with different views, ideals, cultures, races, etc.. and place them together and bam you’ve got a click. They are the people you usually call up on the week-ends when you feel like going out. Everyone seems to stick together even with many similarities but many differences. Usually a lot of drama goes on in these clicks because they might be close and spent time with the group they might not be to fond of certain people as much as others. I find a problem with clicks a lot of times because they seem so prone to judge and quick to push people away because they are not in there little group or don’t think that the person is “cool” enough to hang with them. It gets kind of ridiculous because it makes many people close minded because they always in the same environment share the same ideas usually with the same people without getting any input from others just their small group. Yet it also has advantages because if you have a click you have the security that you have people to hang out with usually and not find yourself wondering on your own or with just one or two others occasionally.

Best friends:
This is by far the most overused and miss understood group of all of them. You don’t understand how much I hate when people say ohh this is my bestfriend and such when they’ve just been hanging out for like a week or two a lot. I think for someone to be refereed to bestfriend from me takes a lot. Not just hanging out with the person for a month or so. I’m totally skipping that whole type of friend which I would name “close friend”. Reason being is this would get ridiculously long and such. How do I explain this in words this should be quite a challenge. A bestfriend and life friends have many similarities but quite different so trying to pick the right concepts that would distinguish the two of them. A bestfriend is someone who’ve you have become close to but have spent more than a couple months together. It is someone who you can call and receive calls from them to discuss different things or random stories just to exchange thoughts. They are the ones who your the closest to in a click or group but also might be someone you spent time with apart from the group when your not in the mood to be around the group. These are the people who won’t stab you in the back or turn on you when your confronted by something. They might disagree with you on many things but you two respect eachother with those difference and will support the other when it comes down to it if faced against others. These are the people you are comfortable with to have a deep talk with or open up too when your going though crisis though your life and know will listen. My experiences in life have provided me with some of these friends but not many. I’ve jumped around so much and moved from group to group so often that I only have a few but glad I do.

Life Friends:
This is so alike to a bestfriend that the only difference I would say is that Life Friends will probably be the friends you’ll have 10 years from now. I would say that a bestfriend is a life friend in itself but not all of them. Life friends have all the same characteristics that a bestfriend has but more. Why more? Well because a life friend is someone you probably grew up with your whole life. There will be times where you really haven’t been close at all with even years maybe but in the end it doesn’t matter. These are the people who you invite to your wedding and know they’ll be there even if you haven’t seen them in awhile. Life friends have this connection with you that you might not have with anyone else in the entire world. They will always be in the back of your head. These people are the real deal in your life. Your lucky to if you have more than one or two of these. I have to admit I’m lucky to have a few in my life. The problem is most of them I don’t keep to close in contact with but some I don’t know if they’ll even last. The future is totally unknown so these are the friends you’ll be looking at towards the middle of your life.

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Adam John – Moments

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Artist: Adam John
Title: Moments
Cat # Muti055
UPC # 705105139401

1. Tear This Up 4:02
2. Fog 3:48
3. Fall In 4:07
4. Patient 4:26

People might know Adam John better as the Drum ‘n’ Bass producer Kid Kryptic, whilst I don’t so s it is with a fresh set of ears I can take in the music.

If Adam has a past in the DnB scene this EP is far from that sound. On “Moment” Adam delivers a downtempo I.D.M./Glitch sound but still with a lot of atmosphere and melodies. It seems like Muti Music has changed sails a bit and with the latest couple of released moved a away a bit from the “usual” Dubstepish sound that one is used to hear from this label.

“Moments” is a mellow and dreamy Glitch (Hop)/I.D.M EP, it’s nice to see how Muti develops and gives us listeners something we’re perhaps not used to, it has been a “strange” year for Muti and I’m lovin’ every day of it.

Muti Music
Adam John/Kid Kryptic @ Myspace

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Afro Monk’s Recent Mixes!

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March 13th Hijack – Late Night Dubstep Session – Old & New Dubstep Mix

March 9th Monday Night Show – Liturgy of the Hours – Afro Monk

Febuary 22nd Monday Night Show – Liturgy of the Hours – Afro Monk

Here are links to some of my most recent mixes that I’ve recorded for
I’ll have Munkz mixes uploaded soon. We still need quite a bit of practice.
Been running into some serious hardware problems lately but should be sorted this Monday.
The two of us have been on a rut lately but things are coming together.
Our event Slippery is on March 27th during WMC and plan to rock it!!

Constructive criticism is appreciated. Been playing tons of old dubstep tunes.
Tonight during that hijack I wanted some practice with dubstep since DJing a party this up coming Saturday. Going to play a little of everything from the beginning stages of dubstep to the brostep of today. Should be a good time. Maybe I’ll stream some of it.

Thanks for checking out some of the mixes =)

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Pretty Lights – Making Up A Changing Mind EP

time March 12th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Instead of Fire Friday Mix… Here is a Fire Friday EP!
Hott damn why did I sleep so much on this EP and not post it. The man himself, Derek Smith, has put out a new release that is absolutely stunning. Pretty Lights is truly something special if you haven’t heard them.

It’s a perfect fuse of hip-hop, glitch, dubstep, and funk! Not to mention this guy is a preformer using a Monome & MPD! Lets not forget Cory who plays drums live during some preformances.

Probably one of the best things about Pretty Lights is that he releases all his music for FREE!!! How amazing is that. You can tell he does it for the love and makes up for it while getting HUGE bookings.

This new EP is the first of a trilogy he plans to release. He has obviously put some serious thought into this. Making Up A Changing Mind is well thought out EP from each beat to every little sample.

I applaud everything this dou does. Fortunately had the oppertunity to see them a few months back. Hopefully if things go well I’ll get to catch his set at Ultra.

You can get all of their releases on their website.

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Beatstroke – Tigerstroke

time March 11th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , ,


01: Diplo vs Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy (BEATSTROKED!!!)
02: Brown, Gammon vs The Shangri-Las vs Nancy Sinatra – Remember These Boots (BEATSTROKED!!!)
03: Sub Scape vs The Knack – My Sharona (BEATSTROKED!!!)
04: Flux Pavillion vs Ohio Players – Love Rollercoaster (BEATSTROKED!!!)

Beatstroke is a new project from Bassobese who’ve just recently released a EP with four mash ups. Go to his bandcamp site and download the EP for free.

Beatstroke @ Bandcamp

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The Energy of WMC… Winter Music Conference vibes and music!

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Winter Music Conference brings Miami to life. As an avid partier throughout the year I look forward to WMC every year, despite knowing that driving and parking will be a bitch.

Growing up and being raised in Miami, the Conference is one of the most prized weeks of the year. Most locals don’t even realize how large the WMC really is until they go out and remember that Ultra isn’t the only thing that is going on.

WMC isn’t only about the music; it’s about the energy. Hate to say it, but sometimes not every night out brings that driving force and inspiration. Every event in Miami rakes in a crowd; after all it seems that people like to be sleep deprived in this city. What makes WMC different is the energy of EVERYONE from all over the world coming together. There is so much excitement, dancing, and music to be shared.

You can go out every night of the year and pray to get one night to be like a typical WMC party. If you even get close, it’s an instant win. I take pride in being in front of every stage and dancing till it hurts. I always can gauge the night based on a simple look behind me and see if there are people moving. It’s all about the energy and crowd. Let yourself go in the sea of strangers and bouncing up and down with a drink in one hand and the other in the air.

Go out there this year and put your passion into the music and dance! DJs feed off of this and sometimes you’ll be surprised how many people in the crowd will join you after you started dancing. Who cares how you look or how off beat you feel. Let the music and energy take over. Just go out and have fun!

Make this experience worth every second as it makes it better for everyone.

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