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Here are two mixes I’ve done in recent weeks. Both of them were broadcasted on Live. I’m becoming quite a fan of being able to go on the air.

Afro Monk’s Late Night Trip Hop Hijack

This mix I did when I was feeling all emo and stuff. I’ve never really mixed trip-hop and haven’t mastered the art of beat matching so this can get a bit dodgy at times. This was more for the feel and listening to the songs. Poured out some of my favorite tunes in here. Later on in the mix I switched it up to play a little FL Breaks and into a pre-recorded Miami Bass mix that had there.

Afro Monk & Munkz – – Liturgy of the Hours

This is the recording of my set on last weeks show. Can’t believe I have a weekly show. I decided to team up with my close friend Munkz for this. Figured I’d bring the glitch and he brings the whomp. We ended up doing a ghetto rig there and turned out his portion of the show sounded like complete crap so just uploading my first hour.

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