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Sub Swara Podcast!

time February 3rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,


Sub Swara is at it again bring some serious whomp!
He just released a new podcast and features tons of hot tracks right now.
Glad to see some Mochi, Heyoka, and Joker put together all in one mix.
This is quite a diverse set and can’t be more thrilled about mixes like this.
It’s become a time where you’ve got to throw in all sorts of genres into the pot.
Being a DJ you should be able to throw a little of everything.
Massive respect out to you Sub Swara!

Track List
1. Kraddy – Android Porn (Mochipet Godzillaporn Remix)
2. Heyoka – Micron
3. ??- Fair and Lovely Riddim
4. South Rakkas Crew – Holiday (Titles Riddim)
5. Mochipet – Alien Crunk Dub – (Audiovoid Remix)
6. Mos Def – Quiet Dog (Sub Swara Remix)
7. Breakage – Higher
8. Nuphlo – Homeland Insecurity
9. Joker – City Hopper
10. XI – Superwhatever
11. Starkey – Ok Luv
12. D1 – Jus Business
13. Syndaesia – Walk Away (Widdler Remix)

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Klone – Dubconstep

time February 3rd by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,

Artist: Klone
Title: Dubconstep
Cat # Muti048
UPC # 705105138404

1. A Lot Kooler
2. Out Of Earth
3. Chizzle Fried Grizzle
4. Want 2 Babylon
5. Hydra
6. Roaches

This march Klone will be back, last years ”The Push Effect” really got people to start talking about Klone and now he’s back with a new EP.

Combing the Glitcy and Bassy bits from the previous EP and putting then in a more Dubstep eviorment and alas we have “Dubconstep”. Personally I’m a more into the Glitch-Hop sound that on the last EP rather than this more Dubstepish sound, but it’s still a very good EP. The best track on this EP is  number 4 “Want to Babylon” I really like all the sound the the “structure” of the tune is really amazing. It seems like the three first tracks are more of the Dubstep kind then on the forth track Klone seems to go back a bit to his old more Glitch-hop sound and that’s something I really appreciate.

Don’t sleep on this one when it’s released, you KNOW that Muti Music delivers EVERY time!

Klone @ Myspace
Muti Music
Muti Music @ Myspace

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