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Psymbionic – The Fozzie Bear Crunkadelic Mixtape

time February 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,


Recently I’ve forgotten to put a featured Friday mix.
Luckily I remembered today and went out for a mix that contained orgininality. Been really digging mixes that have slow build ups and then out of no where it hits with some dubstep and glitch hop.

This mix takes you on a real sweet journey. Big ups to Psymbionic on this one.


1. Reso – Hemisphere
2. Eskmo – Sister, You Have Got To Listen
3. PantyRaid – Enter The Machine
4. Mimosa – Dead Like Me
5. Siren – What a Life
6. Sub Swara – Hi Fidelity (ill.gates Remix) vs. Kraddy – Forget About Dre Instrumental
7. Klone – A Lot Kooler
8. FreddyTodd – Can’t Fathom This (NastyNasty Remix)
9. Product 1 – Ready2Rage (Bassnectar and Jantsen Remix)
10. Mochipet – Godzilla New Year (Vibesquad Remix)
11. The Widdler – Slow Dance Chubby vs. Seventh Swami – Escape Artists
12. Opiuo – Nun Cha Ka
13. Heyoka – Borscht
14. Bassnectar – Boombox (Bassnectar Remix) vs. Eprom – 64 Bytes (Eprom Remix)
15. Bird of Prey and Chillax’n – Pipe Dream

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Mimosa – False Idols Mix

time February 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,


Mimosa is at it again bringing heavy original joints into solid mixing. After releasing more of a dubstep chill vibe on recent EP release he shows us all he still got the bass flowing out with his signature glitchy highs and booming bass.

This man is soaring to the top of the list. I’ll never forget when first heard his tracks over year ago now and thinking wow I want to see this guy live! This mix is a prime example of what I want to be doing in the future. Be able to just play all tracks that I’ve done and just rock out yet have emotions attached no matter how low the freq go.

Mimosa – False Idols Mix

Track List:
1. MiM0SA – iN Search of Beauty
2. PantyRaid vs. MiM0SA – Chaos Control
3. MiM0SA – Days Go By (ReMiXx)
4. MartyParty vs. MiM0SA – The Perfect Flaw
5. MiM0SA – Looking Back
6. MiM0SA – California Rude Boy
7. MiM0SA – LSD Excursions
8. NastyNasty – Python Kiss (MiM0SA ReMiXxx)
9. MiM0SA – Money to Blow (ReMiXxx)
10. MiM0SA – Bamboo
11. MiM0SA – Ride The Snake

Big up Mimosa!
Keep it fresh and don’t let the fame get to you.

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Epstein y El Conjunto – When Man Is Full He Falls Asleep

time February 23rd by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , , ,


Epstein y El Conjunto
When Man Is Full He Falls Asleep
Release Date: March 9th, 2010
Label: Asthmatic Kitty

01. Arrival to New York (a short story about getting there)
02. When we Hide (this time)
03. Vilcabamba
04. El Condor Despierta (El Conjunto Edit)
05. I can Memorize you (can you?)
06. Una Tarde
07. Gallop
08. Needed
09. BgBgBg (offset tape splice)
10. Our Brain That Wouldn’t Die
11. Temporary
12. A Lost Animal – Featuring School of Seven Bells
13. Ting and Pinge
14. There’s a Way under (Here)

Epstein seems to a really busy musician having released a number of albums prior to this one still this one is the first being release outside of Japan (Asthmatic Kitty will re-release the entire back catalog though).

The music is dreamy, somewhat jazzy, jam based and experimental and this album reminds me a bit about the later albums from the Norwegian band When.

For me personally it’s kind of hard getting into this album, nothing really sticks it just goes in through one ear and out of the other but still I find myself nodding my head when I listen to it but on the sad note is when the last track is played I really don’t remember much of what I’ve heard (the twelfth track “A Lost Animal” seems to be the “hit” though). I believe that the album is somewhat to “unstructured” for me to get a full value from it.

Epstein y El Conjunto @ Myspace
Roberto Carlos Lange
Asthmatic Kitty Records

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The Delta Mirror – Machines that Listen

time February 23rd by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,


Shoegaze goes electronica? The Delta Mirror mixes these two genres with a very good result. ”Machines that Listen” is The Delta Mirror’s debut album but they’ve been working since the late nineties TDM started out as a Hip Hop duo but when Karrie K joined in on bass guitar their sound started to evolve.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Shoegaze genre but I like some of the albums from Slowdive and a few others but when you mix it with some electronic tuneage things can get really interesting like in this case.

I’ll keep it short this time, this was a real good album even if the lyrics seems a bit pretentious the music is still real wicked.

To be released 03.16.2010 on Lefse Records

The Delta Mirror @ Myspace
Lefse Records

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Mimosa – Psychedelic Stereo

time February 22nd by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,


Artist: Mimosa
Title: Psychedelic Stereo
Cat # Muti052
UPC # 705105139401
1. Psychedelic Stereo    3:37
2. Pandora                     3:18
3. Keys To The City        3:28
4. Julia’s Labyrinth         3:03

Mimosa is one of my favorite artists on Muti Music for sure. But I really don’t know what to think about this one. I can’t say it’s bad but it’s not the Mimosa that I’m used to hear. Mimosa has focused less on the bass this time and implemented a more sound a bit more influenced from ordinary Dub music.

“Psychedelic Stereo” is by no means a bad record but I don’t get the same wicked feeling that I got from the last output “Flux for Life”, but that one on the other hand was one of my absolute favorites when it comes to this kind of music. I assume that “Flux for Life” was such a bomb that my expectations for this one was somewhat to high.

We get four new tracks; the titel track, “Pandora”, “The Keys to the City” and “Julia’s Labyrith”.
All and all a good release from Mimosa and Muti but not the as good as I had hoped for.

Mimosa @ Myspace
Muti Music

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Shen – Lost Hopes

time February 22nd by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,

Artist: Shen
Title: Lost Hopes
Cat # Muti053
UPC # 705105139500


1. Unnecessary Peril 4:37
2. Lessons 4:19
3. Overgrowth 4:40
4. Volume Anxiety 4:17
5. So Far So Gone 7:07

Following the Domain ID EP Muti releases yet another ”different” EP and this one is also very good. Shen is a new name to me but this guy has been around quite some time and released stuff under different monickers but if we shall concentrate on the project Shen he has released one album prior to this EP.

Blending Minimal Techno, Glitch and Chillout beats this EP comes out quite “mature” I think and that is something I’ve looking for when it comes to electronic music these days. After hearing this EP I’m very eager to hear Shen’s album “Outlines” which he released 2006.

Muti has started 2010 in the best way with some real good releases.

Listen to the track “So Far so Gone” here

Noah Pred
Muti Music

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StrangeFlow – Distuptor EP

time February 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,


Recently been networking quite a bit. I’ve been quite busy with everything lately. Between organizing this big WMC night for, planning trips, designing web sites, writing new WMC blog post, day time job, looking to move out, hanging out with friends, listening to all the latest music, radioshow, and looking for unique dubs it gets insanely cluttered in my head. Thankfully what keeps me going is finding and helping indie producers.

A recent find is StrangeFlow. His styles vary from hip hop to hardcore electronic. He runs his own indie label online called Soul Outsider.

Strangeflow not so recently released his first official EP, Distuptor. It jumps around all the spectrums of sounds from colorful synths to dance floor rocking wobbled basslines featuring samples from Biggie to Jerry Rubin. Support him as he evolves with his sound and shows off some his background with breakcore, psychedelic, dub heavy, and glitched out beats.

You can follow his labels releases here:

Keep your eye out on this guy.

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Afro Monk & Munkz – Show 2/15/2010

time February 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Alright here is this weeks show!
We definately ran into some technical difficulties at the start. The audio didn’t kick in till a 1:45 into the recording.

Also the cable going into the laptop got lose a couple of times and reason for stops in audio. We are working on getting a new cable and Mic setup.

Munkz started off this week’s show with some trippy IDM. Solid track selection! Got to love the dark eeriness of this mix. Towards the end he stepped it up a notch. Unfortunately we still working to perfect the switch between us but you’ll know when my half starts when you hear a certain Phil Collins track =D

My half focuses more on the glitch hop side of things. Started off with a few lovestep tracks since I thought it would be appropriate since it was the day after Valentines day. Wanted to do some more lovestep but so much new stuff to drop that wanted to bring to the table.

Next week we’ll be a lot more prepared!
It’s only going to get better from here on out!

Munkz & Afro Monk – Liturgy of the Hours on 2/15/2010

Hope you enjoy!

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Domain ID – Boombox Apocalypse

time February 14th by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,


To make things clear, I’ve known Mathias Lodmalm for quite some years and I’m a big fan of his past musical endeavors so this write up might come off as a bit partial.

Hailing from the Swedish West Coast Mathias has made music for over 20 years and he released his first album way back in 1992 and has since then been pumping out releases under a few different monickers. Domain ID is his first official electronic release and I’m proud to have followed this release from scratch until now when it’s official released and watched it grow to perfection.

Mr. Lodmalm mixes influences from the latest in the House, Techno and Glitch scenes and put together a real awesome EP. If one should compare Domain ID to some of the other artists on Muti this one is less bassy and draws more inspiration from the British Glitch sound rather than the Dubstep vibe but still not as “freaked out” as Autechre nor intense as Apex Twin, call it avantgarde and contemporary dance music… there’s no need for any further genre wanking.

You can tell by listening to this EP that Mathias knows what he’s doing and has learned a lot from all these years making music, you don’t need to cling on to the the latest music trends you can break way for coming trends instead.

Listen to the title track here

Lodmalm @ Myspace
Lodmalm @ Soundcloud
Muti Music

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Nocando – Exploits and Glitches [Video]

time February 11th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,

Check out this brand new video from Nocando!

Noncando on Myspace
Alpha Pup Records

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