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Mihkal Live at Symbiosis 2009 Mix

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The Fire Friday Mix this week comes from Mihkal! Nothing but respect for him and this mix. This might be the best mix on site in my opinion right now.

Alright I take serious pride in finding music. Right now my main consintration is Glitch and Glitch Hop. Too be honest theirs a lot of stella tracks out there and some ehh. This mix is comprised of some of my FAVORITE tracks in the genre. When I saw the tracklist my jaw dropped. Mihkal is a legend for this mix. It has instantely become my favorite mix of the past couple months. The best part is that this was done live at Symbosis this past year.

I can not imagine the emotion and feel that must of been going on while each track slipped off the speakers. Mihkal thank you! I will make it a point to catch you live as soon as I can. This one is one for the books!

1) Of Porcelain vs. Mims – Prelude to the Sun (MiHKAL Mashup)
2) PANTyRAiD – Do You Get the Beba (MiHKAL Mashup)
3) Virtual Boy – Anything Goes
4) Sleepyhead – Holla Like Whoa
5) MiM0SA – In Search of Beauty
6) Santogold – Starstruck (MiHKAL Re-Edit)
7) NASTY NASTY – Necking
8) MIA – Bird Flu (Propa Tingz Remix)
9) EPROM – Bubble
10) PANTyRAiD – Headcase
11) MiHKAL – Aftermashmatix (Tipper vs. Deru vs. Kitty D & Rab vs. Ooah vs. 8 Frozen Modules vs. Kelpe)
12) Ooah – Beaver Blink Remix
13) Bil Bless – TimeSome
14) EPROM – Lick Out
15) STS9 – Beyond Right Now (The Glitch Mob Remix)
16) Bassnectar & Jansten – Ready 2 Rage
17) MiM0SA – Sirius
18) PANTyRAiD – Enter the Machine
19) Of Porcelain – Bleeding Mirrors Remix
20) edIT – Ants
21) Excision – That Girl

MiHKAL Live @ Symbiosis 2009

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Today a close friend of mine were talking. I was recently invited into her music group. She told me about this site Grooveshark and how I should totally check it out.


Imagine Pandora + Last.FM on crack! They have an extensive library of artist and you can listen to everything for free! Not to mention que up songs, move around in the track, play how many times you want, build playlist, favorite stuff, have followers, etc…

I’m thrilled to have been recommended this. Another huge plus about the service is that it’s developed by a company in Florida. Three UF graduates started it up and have made it grow tremendously.

I highly advise anyone really into music to check the site out! Fan me on there too: afromonk


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Lazer Sword – Fabric Promo Mix

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Lazer Sword is Low Limit & Lando Kal. I’ve posted up one of their mixes awhile back but these guys just don’t stop.

They are on a Tour of Europe right now. They’ve put together a short mix for Fabric. This promo has some serious beats dropping. They’ve also recently released a 12″ of their track Gucci Sweater. These guys cover all their grounds when it comes to styles.

These guys sound like Nintendo mashed up with dubstep and some glitch for some spice. Be sure to keep a look out for this duo. Please and I mean please don’t get these guys confused with Major Lazer.

Hope you enjoy this Fabric Promo as much as I have.

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Pretty Lights – Vagabond Miami – November 4th 2009

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Pretty Lights is a SHOW. When I mean show I mean these guys are one of those few names in the business that do their sets live. He’s not just a DJ he rocks mad hardware and shows off literally pretty lights as he preforms with laptop, MPD, & Monome. Pretty Lights also consist of live drums. The full combo is Derek Smith & Cory Eberhard on drums. These guys go all out and bring a light show if they can.


I’m a huge follower of the Glitch Hop scene and these guys are bringing it hard. I’m so excited to know that they’ll be in Miami this Wednesday at Vagabond hopefully in the main room rocking the Funktion1 Sound System! It’s going to be the first time to experience this style on a BIG BIG system.

Check out Derek rocking the Monome and showing how it’s done when doing LIVE work!

Expect pure energy! This tour has already sold out some venues. Hopefully Vagabond will be popping and people will come show their respects by getting down! This event is big and can’t wait to see and hopefully meet people who are actually into these guys. It’s been a hella crazy week for Miami with event after event! Glad to be in this city and Thank you for whoever booked these guys!

This is what happens when Pretty Lights goes on Tour!

One of the biggest things I have to give them credit for is that they release all their music for FREE. That’s right FREE! You can download their latest album that came out early October at their website. Passing By Behind Your Eyes, is such a great album that most people will enjoy as long as you got groove and feel that bass. Their two other albums are also available for download there as well.

Get ready Miami because PRETTY LIGHTS is almost here. Get ready for some serious bass and grooving! Miami time for visual and audio journey brought to you by pretty lights.

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Mimosa – Mini Mix

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Mimosa is making big moves literally! He has recently relocated from SF down to LA. Seems like LA is becoming the mecca of right now on the West Coast. Even Rusko has moved from London over to LA.

Expect big things from Mimosa in the upcoming years. He most recent album Flux for Life is absolutely stunning. Now that he has moved his home expect more collaborations most likely. Not to mention even closer to the likes of producers like Ooah and the other allstars in LA.

Now for the goods! Mimosa just put up a short mini-mix that shows off what this guy has been up too… FIRE!

1. MiM0SA – On The Line
2. MiM0SA – Delirium
3. MiM0SA – I’m in Love With a Stripper (ReMix)
4. MiM0SA – Werk Me (feat Missy Eliot)
5. MiM0SA – When I’m Alone (Bigger Than Hip Hop)

Be sure to check out his myspace for more of his work.

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Friday’s Fire Mix – HipGnosis on Glitch.FM

time October 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,


Another Fire Friday mix is among us!  Be sure to check out last week’s mix and check in every Friday for a special mix.

This week HipGnosis brought some serious tunes to us on his weekly show. Glitch.FM continues to prove to me that this station is one of the freshest communities around. There is tons of talent around in the Glitch community but they’ve got some of the biggest names locked in and spinning every day.  Be sure to catch any of the live sets on Glitch.FM. You won’t be disappointed.

Big Up! to HipGnosis and the Glitch.FM gang!

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to rock a show every week or do a pirate show here and there.

Between Zero and One – HipGnosis on GlitchFM recorded (10 21 2009)


Psychic TV – Drone Zone
kryptic minds – one of us
recue – korento
Psychic TV – united (sabres of paradise mix 1)
martin bros – dum (ill cosby mix) (carcrashset)
plastikman – helikopter
intrinsic – gibbous
scuba – hundreds and thousands
throwing snow – been a long while (ThrowingSnow)
swarms – never step on me (vishnu rmx) (vishnu)
skream – sublemonal
fever ray – seven (martyn mix)
scuba – klinik
helen austin – when we were young (HipGnosis Mnr Ncnvnc Rmx) ( for original)
pericles – flatface
nasty nasty – no names
ellie goulding – starry eyed (jakwob rmx) (jakwob)
ill cosby – lo oyen (emvee rmx) (carcrashset)
dj fresh – hypercaine (nero dubstep mx)
hostage – hangin
hadouken – M.A.D. (detboi rmx)
vishnu – power of love v2 (vishnu)
cat power – deadman (dj belly mix) (djbellymusic)
dj belly – ooohh (djbellymusic)
plastikman- plasticine
psychic tv – united (sabres of paradise mix 2)
hostage – badman sound
the brown acid – try humanity (starkey rmx)
jokers of the scene – baggy bottom boyz (dz ravestep rmx)
the brown acid – try humanity (zomby’s vitamin e rmx)
big gigantic – polarize (
the scarlet harlots – backlash (raffertie rmx)
broken note – war in the making
kryptic minds – six degrees
quetzal – whompa ambush (Quetzatl)
calvin harris – not alone (doorly rmx)
sub version – soul jah boogie
m83 – we own the sky (udachi rmx)

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Maryanne Amacher R.I.P

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Maryanne Amacher R.I.P
(February 1943 – October 2009)

Yesterday a revolutionary musician died, Maryanne Amacher.

She is most recognized for her work on what she called the Third Ear. If done properly when your ears would take in the music and it would make your own ear to emit sounds as if it was coming out of your head.

She was mainly a performance artist setting up installations and customizing the sound and speakers based on the acoustics. She does have a few releases but I’m sure they provide no justice to her installation work.

May another Maryanne Amacher enter this world to explore these shapes of sound.

Here is quite an informative interview with Maryanna Amacher, to get more insight into her movement.

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Julie West Solo Show Miami Pink Ghost

time October 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

julie west solo show

I’m a big fan of vinyl toys. Ever since I saw the customizable Munny’s, I totally dug the whole customize culture.

There are many toy designers out there but one stands out of the crowd, Julie West.

julie west tweet spring toy
Julie West has a definite unique style and theme with all her work. She is not limited in toy design but also creates beautiful illustrations and prints. Although her style is very feminine I can appreciate her work and see how many women around the world collect her work.

Julie West custom VGS Mei Mei

We are lucky enough to have Julie West in town this week-end for a solo show at Pink Ghost! The event is October 24th at 7pm. She will be signing her art book at the store. Be sure to check it out!
julie west book
For more information and directions check out the Pink Ghost site.
Also if you want to check out some of Julie West‘s work online visit her site as well.

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Venetian Snares, Wisp, & Dino Felipe – Miami Oct 24th 2009

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venetian snares

All you need to know is that this Saturday one of the Godfathers of Breakcore will be in town, Venetian Snares.

Along side him he brings one of the most creative IDM producers, Wisp. The combination of these two isn’t all that is in store in West Palm Beach. Dino Felipe a FL resident will be openning it all up.

Saturday will be quite an experience. It’s not often you find an event playing experiemental, IDM, and breakcore.

Venetian Snares, Wisp, & Dino Felipe
Saturday October 24th, 2009
Respectable Street Cafe
518 Clematis St
West Palm Beach 33401
$15 advanced – $20 at door

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WMC 2010 March 23rd – March 27th – Miami

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WMC Miami

WMC 2010 Dates are Official, Tuesday March 23rd to Saturday March 27th.

I have such a great feeling about the upcoming events. I know lots of people here have already started making arrangements. Looks like I’ll also be involved in an event if all goes well. Recently been quite active in the Glitch community and they might be trying to throw a party. Right now it’s being discussed so we’ll have to see what the future holds.

WMC is one of the biggest events that goes on in the city of Miami when it comes to electronic music. The infamous Ultra Music Festival is a massive event that people from all over the world come into town for. The week is full of madness and parties non-stop.

If 2010’s WMC is anything close to WMC 2009 I’ll die happy, probably will die considering don’t know how I survived work or sleep deprivation.

Last year I was lucky enough to catch: Plastician, Skream, Benga, Shy FX, 12th Planet, Mala, Rusko, Kutz, Juan Basshead, & many more.

The most exciting part of this upcoming WMC is the fact that Glitch will be present. I don’t care if we have to setup a party in the park or small venue, it will happen.

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