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Speed of Sound

time September 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

This is something that has really blown me away. I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the guys behind this project. I lost all the stuff I had written down for this but this is just a teaser of what these guys are working on. My hat goes off to them for all the hard work they putting into this. Things like this help push music to another level creating another layer of experience the body takes in while out in a club besides the sense of hearing.

I think this is the appropriate time to post this because tomorrow Nosaj Thing will be preforming with his new visual experiment as well. Big up to the New Zealand crew for this! I lost the URL to the project but I’ll be updating you all on this project as it progresses.

Check out some more stuff from the NZ gang at: Speed of Sound

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Imogen Heap – Ellipse – Remixes

time September 29th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

I’ve had the pleasure of catching Imogen Heap live a couple years ago when she preformed at Studio A. I’ll never forget that night. It was brilliant and could see the passion she has in her own music. Many of you may know her as the signer in the band Frou Frou. She has two solo albums and now adds a third to the list named Ellipse.

Her voice captivates the soul and shows us what a beautiful voice and some solid music projection can do. Whenever I need something to pick me up I find myself putting on one of her albums on. It’s amazing how music and a beautiful voice can do to ones emotions.

Here you can preview her new album and some remixes done by royal sapien. I’m a big fan of the remixes and find that despite the tempo kicked up a notch it does not take away from the vocals at all. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do. It’s always great to kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy some Trip-Hop.

Imogen Heap – Swoon (Royal Sapien Remix) by royalsapien

Imogen Heap – Hallelujah (Royal Sapien Crobar Remix) by royalsapien

Imogen Heap – Little Bird (Royal Sapien Remix) by royalsapien

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Miami Dubstep – Get Low at Vagabond

time September 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I’ll never forget the first event I attended where I heard dubstep live, ViRam WMC event and caught Plastician’s 2 hour set. Never had I imagined Miami had such a hidden movement. That night wiped me out for days… We didn’t leave the club till around 5am after Evol Intent closed the night off…

This is when I knew Dubstep was alive in Miami. Months past as I saw all the events going on but never ended up going for undisclosed reason… 2009 brought me back into the scene. Boy was I surprised to see how much stronger the community had grown. Old and new familar faces. After the closing of Black Sheep on South Beach it seemed like things were going to change but no one knew if it was going to be a hamper to the community. Little did we know this was going to bring to light a new event all bassheads would look forward too, Get Low!

The first Get Low brought in talent of Dj Lord of TriLLBaSS! His scratching skills tore through the crowd and hyped everyone for the monumental night which put Get Low on the map. The Vagabond blew up with a new sound that was new to the block. Miami Dubstep had a new night to show off it’s talent and whompy bass orginating back from the old Miami Bass days. The sound was new but everyone felt nostolgic when they felt the low frequences blasting through them. Dj Lord didn’t let up and showed us how a Public Enemy DJ gets down.

I unfortunately missed the 2nd Get Low but boy did the third one KILL it. Get Low 3, Mr. N-Type came all the way from the UK to muder the place. That night was WILD. I actually ended up injuring my foot real bad and paid terribily considering hours later I’d be flying out to Chicago for Lollapalooza. N-Type absolutely showed Miami what was up dropping exclusive dubplates everywhere. The sounds of Benga’s iTunes was a big moment knowing that he was one of the few who was dropping this track. After his set I made sure to introduce myself and give him a huge Big Up for a killer set. He simply replied, “Sure you are a bad man, you were skanking the whole time I saw you”. HAHA Miami Dubstep represent! After flying into Chicago word got out that Get Low broke Vagabond’s record attendance for Thursday. This was a huge statement! Miami Dubstep and Get Low is just getting started…

Joe Nice is one man that lives up to his name! I was disappointed when he missed that night at ViRam but wouldn’t have that memory of 2hr set from Plastician. There is a reason Joe Nice is probably considered one of the biggest American Dubstep DJs, this man is seriously nice as can be. This man only touches wax and the type that you probably won’t see for months. He brought it hard yet with such hypnotic vibes. Bigg tunes from Skream, Calbrie, and Untold dropped. Be sure to check this guy out on his montly radioshow. He’s always cracking jokes and participating in the chat room.

The last to hit the Get Low stage was legend Mala from Digital Mystikz. I had the pleasure of catching Skream and Benga the night before and catch Mala for a short chit chat. It is clear where this man pulls the music from… He’s deep. Talk about a guy who has some dubplates and hypnotic sounds in the bag. Mala showed Miami has repeatedly show this town about meditation on bass is and he didn’t hold back this time at all… Highlight of my night was seeing him drop a record and seeing the word “Tron” on the label spin around… Won’t forget the first time hearing Tron on a big system… Thank you Mala for an unforgetable night. That is one way to put these Get Low events… unforgetable.

Think that line up was big? Ha, Miami get ready because some of the next people lined up for future Get Low’s are MASSIVE. We’ll be seeing Borgore all the way from Isreal bring his filfthy hard whomping bass style to Miami. It’s going to be a sight to see him drop his track “Love” after at the last Get Low it went absolutely mental when it got dropped…  The serioussss sounds of Noah-D will be most likely be in our near future. This man is no stranger to Miami so expect an set of big tunes just for Miami. The big event which has been highly anticipated is one of the member of the Purple Trinity, Joker. Don’t sleep on that because Joker has done no wrong ever since his began releasing his tunes. He doesn’t come alone either. MC Nomad is coming along for the ride to show Miami how he gets down on the mic. It’ll be big to catch Nomad live after listening to him along side Plastician for the past 2 years almost every week.

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Glitch FM – Featured Djs – Sugarpill & .Spec

time September 27th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,


The past two month or so I’ve sort of moved on a bit from Dubstep. Don’t get me wrong I love the music but I wanted something new and fresh. It almost seems like the dubstep bug is fading in me. I’ve always known about Glitch but never really followed it more than the typical artist like The Glitch Mob. After digging a bit deeper into Glitch and what it has to offer I fell in love with the Glitch Hop sound. It’s exotic yet so familiar.

After finding out all the latest and biggest stars in Glitch Hop I wanted more. I found Glitch FM recently and haven’t looked back. This community of people running Glitch FM is the real deal. They have been extremely friendly and open. Recently have been trying to get invovled and push this further. It’s hard when the Glitch Hop movement is predominately in the East Coast but I hope to change that with time. I’ve recently talked to many people active in the Glitch FM community. I’ve had small discussions with two of the DJs that have a weekly on the show, Sugarpill & .Spec.


The first night I ended up tuning into Glitch FM it so happened to be right during a live radio show done by Sugarpill. The mix was heavy and just piled high with exclusives and unreleased tracks. I’ll never forget that set and specific tracks in the set. Later found out during the set that Sugarpill use to live in FL but recently relocated to CA. Mentioned was in Miami and BAMMM one of Otto’s tracks comes on. Great to hear a FL DJ represent! Looking forward to tuning into his next set on Thursday night. Here is a mix I’ve uploaded… If you haven’t heard much Glitch Hop this is a great introduction. This mix is a big inspiration for me and what I want to do. Don’t sleep on this mix because its BIGGG! Check out Sugarpill online.

Sugarpill’s Whompsticle Mix!


Another DJ I met was .Spec online. I didn’t get to catch his set live but did chat with him for a bit. He even gave me some DJ tips and real cool guy. He’s over there in Seattle for Decibel Festival. Talked about some of the different styles of mixing and DJs out there. Overall real good insight into somethings. I checked out some of his mixes online that he provided me with. Even jamming to one of them as I type this up. Definitely digging his style and no crazy bass just solid tracks blended perfectly together. You can catch his show on Saturday nights. You can also pick up some of his mixes on his site .Spec907

Check out .Spec’s Rev4.2.1 Galatea Mix

I’ve recently discussed starting a night of just glitch here in Miami. It’s a bit of a long shot but would love to be part of something new here in Miami. This is such a large metropolitan city and if I’m in it right now, there is no reason to start something that would invovled with music. I’m a huge believer that this style of music could be extremely welcomed here and no reason to be West Coast exclusive. For now I’ll just keep practicing and hope to improve my skills to maybe even spin some of this music so people can hear it out. Got to bring something different to the table as a DJ so you are remembered as a good friend put it…

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Charlie Pyott – Lino – Concept Record Player

time September 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Charlie Pyott LinoCharlie Pyott Lino ConceptLino by Charlie Pyott

Designer Charlie Pyott has come up with a portable record player, the Lino. As a recent adopter of vinyl this seem extremely appealing. Not very practical for audio quality but something I’d possibly look into if had reasonable price tag.

The way it works is visually shown above. Two cables come out of the device, USB and Audio. The USB could power the unit via computer/laptop or power outlet. The audio cables I assume would be set of RCA’s on the opposite side.

This thing would turn any coffee table or flat service into a turntable. I’m going to say that this device is probably a terrible idea for scratching and DJing. Could be useful for a DJ though if get some freshly cut vinyl from a producer and want to check it out on the fly.

Hope to see this for sale one day…

Check out more of his designs:  Charlie Pyott

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Nosaj Thing – A video Tour

time September 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

I’m a real visual person and apparently so is Nosaj Thing.
This is a little video tour of some of the work this soon to be legend has done…

This is what happens when you add unbelievable visuals to one of the sickest DJs around.
This is just a test run.. He’ll start taking this idea with him and implementing it in his live shows.

This is what happens when you add a sick designer, cool shoes, & Nosaj Thing work on music

This is how it should ALWAYS be done… Vinyl baby!

This is what this guy does when he throws down live… Always sick to see a live act.

Another live performance…

Official video for one of this more popular tracks Aquarium…

Save the best for last…. THIS IS JAW DROPPING… Some of the biggest names just tearing it UP.
What a nice setup… one day… one day…

Now here’s a Download for YOU!
He just released this new track for an upcoming compilation being released…
Nosaj Thing – FWD

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edIT vs Ooah Remixes live – Symbiosis – Heyoka Burning Man Promo

time September 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Right now if anyone was to ask me what my favorite artist are it would be easy…
1) Ooah
2) The Glitch Mob & PaNTyRAiD
3) Heyoka

Therefore I feel like it would be silly to have this blog and not mention or show off these guys talent.
This is live video taken from Symbiosis festival that just happened last week.
Videos like these make me want to book a flight to LA or SF and just not come back.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Live remixes of some of my favorite tracks by the two.

Now for another special treat… Heyoka!
This man has done no wrong.
His music has such groove and vibe that you can’t help but jam to this mix.
It’s short but ohhh soo sweet. Won’t lie that I heard it twice back to back when I first got this mix.
Go check out all his releases… They are BIG!
Click this link to download Heyoka’s Burning Man 2009 Promo Mix

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Von D ft Phephe – Show Me Video

time September 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

I’m proud to present to you the official video for Von D’s – Show Me. The reason I’ve posted this is because it’s directed, edited, and model all straight from Miami. This is a big win for Miami dubstep covering and doing such a big tunes video. As much as everyone wants to hate Miami it’s hard to deny the growing presence of Miami. The music just makes sense here when Miami Bass is so closely related to Dubstep. Miami is the city of Bass, don’t you forget that!

Big Up to Bass Love & Miss Brass.
Solid work on this.

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Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions Joker Remix

time September 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Simian Mobile DiscoJoker

Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions Joker Remix (320kbps download)

This is one of the big remixes Joker has done in the recent months. Although it’s been rinsed out over and over it finally gets a free digital release. This is my personal favorite and hope it gets a vinyl release. Be sure to check it out and download!

Keep it fresh!

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Lazer Sword – Sweatpants Money Mixtape

time September 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Remember this business cause it’s going to blow up all over your face soon!!!

Lazer Swords is something that should be in everyone’s life…
Don’t get them confused with Major Lazer.
These guys are serious and don’t play around…
They put this mix together for their friend at
This is one of my favorite Glitch-Hop mixes to date.

Lazer Sword Sweatpants Money Mix

Lazer Sword Mixes Tracklist
1) Sweatpants Money Intro
2) Eprom – Humaoid Dub wwith Mike Jones “Like What I Got (a cappella)”
3) Powell – Aleatory
4) Low Limit – Trapperkeeper
5) Nadsroic – Room Mist
6) Lazer Sword – Koopa Boss Mode (Edit) with Jay-Z “99 Problems (a cappella)”
7) Ghosts On Tape – Straight From Cassette
8) Lazer Sword – Street Sodas (Edit) with MIA “Bucky Done Gun (a cappella)
9) Lazer Sword – TroubleVision (Edit) with Tum Tum “Caprice Music (a cappella)”
10) Rod Lee – Let Me See What U Workin With (Low Limit remix)
11) Dema – Chang!! XXXX with Eazy-E “Tha Muthafukkin Real (a cappella)”
12) Solid Groove & Sinden – Overbooked
13) Radioclit – On Everything feat. Twista & David Banner
14) Tiago Andrade – Babel Fish with Gucci Mane “Aw Man (a cappella)”
15) Lando Kal – Fuzzy Ankles with T.I. “Swing Your Rag (a cappella)”
16) Robot Koch ft. Cerebral Vortex – Vortex Cookies (Lazer Sword remix)”
17) Mr. Oizo – Lars Von Sen (X-mas Version) with Ludacris “Grew Up a Screw Up (a cappella)”
18) Slugabed – Getobonk
19) Keri Hilson – Get Your Money Up
20) Lazer Sword – Carpet Ride (Edit)
21) Lando Kal – Clobbertime with Pase Rock “Sexy Motherfucker (a cappella)”
22) Restiform Bodies – Interactive Halloween Bear (Lazer Sword remix)
23) Lazer Sword – Lektrik Womp (Edit)
24) Dopplereffekt – Scientist with Slim Thug “I Ain’t Heard of That (a cappella)”
25) Death Of A Party – Sympathy for Miss Veronica (Lazer Sword remix)
26) Siriusmo – High Together

Lazer Sword Sweatpants Money Mix

This is the stuff that inspires me.
Hope to one day achieve a mix like this.

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